Improve Company Culture with These 10 Articles

Breathe new life into your organization with these ten company culture-inspired articles.

What is the personality of your company? Creating a company culture can be mystifying for entrepreneurs. While, by definition, a company’s culture is many things: values, visions, norms, working language, systems, symbols, beliefs and habits — it can be refreshed or created over time.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your organization, here are then company culture-inspired articles to help you get started:


  1. 5 Team Building Exercises to Improve Company Culture

    Teams are a crucial part of today’s business landscape. Building a great team is essential for success… While there are various team building methods, one approach is through games and activities. So, here are five fun team building exercises you can use to improve your company culture.

  2. Top 15 Small Business Hiring Mistakes

    Hiring employees is one of the main challenges entrepreneurs face. So, we asked entrepreneurs to reveal the top hiring mistakes small business owners make. Avoid making these fifteen mistakes at all costs.

  3. 7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Company Culture Today [Infographic]

    For many entrepreneurs, when they hear the words “company culture” it seems intangible, immeasurable and out of reach. More importantly, countless small business owners can attest to thinking, “Why is my company culture so important? Isn’t it just industry jargon and lip service?”

  4. Company Culture Shock: How to Build a Company Culture that Embraces Diversity

    How important is workplace diversity to your small business? Significant changes in market demographics and the talent required for sustainable competitive advantage make workplace diversity increasingly harder to ignore and more important than ever.

  5. Company Culture: An Inside Look at 100 Core Values from 15 Winning Companies

    What sets your small business apart from the crowd? The best companies develop core values that impact their company culture, brand, and business strategies — making them quite unique. So we took an inside look at the core values of highly-engaged and successful companies to learn what makes them tick, what they believe and how they do business.

  6. Company Culture: How to Improve Employee Retention and Reduce Turnover

    Do you empower your employees with the opportunity to express their opinions of the job process, or possibly even reward them for a job well done? In today’s fast-paced business environment, without a system to motivate and reward your team often times employees will feel unappreciated, lack of motivation to get the job done, and resent not receiving a pat on the back for their stellar performance.

  7. Three Ways Business Leaders Can Create a Winning Company Culture

    The brand that provides the best service and elicits the best emotional experience is often the one customers will choose in the long-term. So the question is, “How can you deliver the best possible experience even if–in reality–you are offering the same product or service as your competitors?”

  8. How to Win the War for Startup Talent: Foster a Company Culture of Happiness

    Every startup has different business ambitions. Some entrepreneurs want to “Get big fast!” Their goal is to raise as much capital as possible so they can recruit an army of engineers, marketing, sales and customer service staffers. Unfortunately, this is a very short-term view on what it takes to build a successful small business.

  9. Company Culture: How to Motivate, Empower and Lead Employees

    Running a small business gives you the unique opportunity to develop strong relationships with your employees, relationships which are built both upon the employees’ professional goals as well as their personal interests. The trick is to successfully manage these relationships while making sure you and your business is perceived with professionalism.

  10. How to Improve Company Culture: “Fun Work” Isn’t an Oxymoron

    Does your office environment leave much to be desired? For many companies, the workplace was and still is considered a very formal, quiet building full of cubicles, filing cabinets and bad carpet. While there’s nothing wrong with this, your small business or startup might benefit from a more relaxed, playful atmosphere.


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