Starting a Business? First, Read These 15 Startup Articles

Here's an inside, and curated, look at fifteen articles that can level the startup playing field and prepare you for success.

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Starting a small business is an important step in your professional career. Cutting ties with what you once knew, and trained for, to explore new opportunities can present certain challenges. While every entrepreneur encounters new concepts and lessons through their startup journey, there are essential lessons, tips and takeaways that are essential for future success.

Here’s an inside, and curated, look at fifteen articles that can level the startup playing field and prepare you for success:


  1. Op-Ed: Dear Startup, How Bad Do You Really Want Entrepreneurship?

    I know it is painful to hear, but consider this: you have the same 24 hours in each day that everyone else on the planet is afforded. You can decide to create opportunities for your business, connect with family and friends in meaningful ways, connect with your inner-self and help someone in need. All of this can be accomplished within a 24-hour period.

  2. Does My Business Idea Have Potential? 4 Ways to Know for Sure

    Do you have a business idea that, you feel, has tremendous potential. You probably gained the insight by solving a problem you once faced. Brilliant! Today’s most successful companies were created because of that very type of insight.

  3. Should I Find a Co-founder or Start a Business Alone?

    I’m always hearing about “founder dating” events that entrepreneurs attend to find co-founders. I’m guessing these events have worked out for some people, but like relationships, I prefer matchmaking to be more organic.

  4. Product Development: How to Plan, Conduct and Use Market Research Data

    As Socialbrite.org suggests, data is transforming conversations. “These days everyone is releasing it, visualizing it, aggregating it, and mashing it up. And for good reason. Data is so much more than a stack of numbers or a server filled with client outputs. It can justify the work that your organization is doing, help others understand why it is critical, and offer exciting new ways to motivate others to help solve the problems your organization is working on.”

  5. Starting a Business: 7 Things Every Business Plan Should Cover

    Vision, drive and commitment are all important to starting a new business. However, focus is what is going to help your business be one that succeeds where others often fail. Your point of focus is your business plan. Consider it your roadmap towards being profitable. Before you start lining up investors, or borrowing money for startup costs, here are some tips for creating a business plan that will help you map out your entrepreneurial journey.

  6. Confused Entrepreneur? Prioritize Small Business Ideas in 3 Easy Steps

    What do you do when you have tons of business ideas, but little time? How do you cope with the desire to execute when faced with the lack of funding, expertise or focus? When do you know which business ideas are viable and which ones are not for you? If you are ready to break free from mental clutter and transition from confusion to clarity, here are three simple steps to move from busyness to effectiveness.

  7. Complexity is your Enemy: 5 Ways to Keep Things Simple in Business

    “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.” (Richard Branson) Like Branson, over the years I’ve also learned that there is a real power in simplicity; simply cutting through all the fancy words and sugar coating and getting right down to the juicy core. Yet what I see often (and what I used to do myself) is business owners making their companies and lives a whole lot more complicated than necessary.

  8. How to Increase Productivity, Performance and Achieve Business Goals

    We set goals. We formulate plans. Now…what happens next? At this juncture many small business owners find themselves at the crossroads — the whiteboard moment where the ‘clarity of an idea‘ and the ‘confusion of methods’ meet.

  9. How to Start a Business While Working Full-time, Married with Kids

    In February 2012, my wife mentioned something to me right before I walked out the door to go to work. “Joe, I feel like you’re going to work, the place — but you’re not doing good work, the noun,” she said. “Wow,” I thought to myself. Well, if you do not have respect from your ace of a wife, what do you have, right? I gave my two-week notice to my employer that same afternoon.

  10. 4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Fear and Follow Their Dreams

    Psychologists say that human behavior is based on two emotional premises – avoiding pain, and achieving pleasure. But what happens when these two premises contradict each other? Many times, such is the case when you start to follow your dreams. Achieving your wildest dreams will give you great pleasure, but getting there may induce great pain. For many of us, that pain is what we fear, and it keeps us from actually pursuing our goals.

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