Op-Ed: What Should an Entrepeneur Do When All Else Fails?

Here are eleven things to consider before you throw in the towel.

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  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

    Are you trying to re-invent the wheel? Many times we rush off to do something that has already been done before or has a pre-existing system that works. Yet for the thrill of it, we decide to chart our own destiny! Instead, save time and money and — Google it! It may be as easy as that!

  2. Exercise.

    Many times through the course of a day my mind becomes clogged up! My creative juices dry up. Soon after hitting the soccer field and playing a hard game out in the open air, my mind is clearer and I can come up with an idea I did not think about before.

  3. Don’t give up!

    There is a season for everything. We were never promised that our life would be without trials and tribulation, valleys and mountains. Sometimes victory lies just over the next hill, over the next mountain. You have to have faith in what you were called to be and do. Have faith in your product or service, have faith in the concept you started or relationship you committed to many, many years ago.

    It is in the darkest hour that our faith is tested and if we persist, we will have the victory. The victory is not for the fastest, but for those who endure to the end. So keep trying and remember that vision you had when you first started out. Keep it in your mind’s eye and keep walking up that mountain. It will pass!

  4. Adopt a positive attitude.

    Ask yourself, “Am I looking at the problem from the position of my glass being half full or half empty?” For instance, many times my clients and friends tell me, “Dane you are always so positive!” My response is, “Well, why shouldn’t we be?”

    If you live in North America, you are the wealthiest and most-educated in comparison to many people around the world. We also have access to more information than ever before. Why should I be negative? The world is full of solutions. I prefer to look at the glass which is half full. I choose to believe there is a practical solution for everything; however, it may not have been figured out yet.

  5. Remember past successes!

    If you are an entrepreneur, I estimate that in the past you must have been successful at something. A simple thing as getting your college degree, is not easy. But, you did it … you successfully attained your degree and started a career. You can solve problems! You are not a quitter! So, why start now?

  6. Pray!

    This final recommendation is a personal one — the final recommendation on my list is “good ole prayer”! Often when all has failed I would take my unsolvable problem to my creator and I would get revelations to the problem I never thought possible. When all else fails I would often get down on my knees and pray … and then wait for the Lord Almighty to send me an answer, patiently.

All of these things have worked for me in over twenty years in business and I hope they work  for you!


Dane King is the President of Stratking Advisory Services which provides professional services to small businesses across Canada and wealth management services to professionals in Ontario. For over 20 years Dane has helped corporations and individuals increase profitability and/or grow wealth. Dane holds several professional designations such as Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Marketer and Financial Management Advisor, etc. His mission in life is to make a difference in people’s lives. Connect with Stratking Advisory Services on Twitter.

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