12 Health and Wellness Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Twelve entrepreneurs reveal how they work hard and manage to stay healthy.

7. Put exercise on your to-do list.

“Before going to bed, every entrepreneur should create a list for the top six items they must accomplish the next day. Start with number one, and don’t even think about going to number two  until you finish number one. Don’t let the simplicity fool you — it works. Several days a week, make sure one of the six bullets is something simple regarding health (i.e., 16 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of abs, chest and shoulders, make a kale salad for dinner, etc.). This will improve your health and fitness, and make you a more successful and efficient entrepreneur.”

– Krish Himmatramka, Founder and CEO of Do Amore: @doamore


8. Just take a deep breath.

“When we are stressed, physiological changes take place in our body which can and does lead to serious health problems, both in the short and long-term. We can mitigate these physiological changes by taking a few minutes (even seconds) to breathe. Deep breathing has the opposite effect on our bodies to stress: it calms the nervous system, lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and improves the digestive process—all of which promote our health and well-being. The great thing is, breathing can be done anywhere—waiting in line for our morning tea, driving to our next client meeting, or during a stressful conference call.”

– Dina Colman, Founder and Author of Four Quadrant Living:@4quadrantliving


9. Create a diet and workout regimen.

“Stay 100 percent true to your diet and workout regimen… Regardless of how busy you are, always prioritize exercise and nutrient rich foods to fuel your body whether that’s buying a set of TRX bands for your office or making it a goal to eat out less. When you take the time to get a quick run or workout in, it’ll improve your focus and strength ten fold. With an excellent diet, regardless of whether you’re on the road or not, you’ll have the energy to run over mountains. Therefore, I never ever skimp on these two areas because I know they are the foundation to absolutely crushing goals and unbeatable performance.”

– Jairek Robbins, Owner of Jairek Robbins Companies: @JairekRobbins


10. Drop all of the excuses.

“First, drop the ‘I don’t have enough time’ excuse and make the time! Staying healthy doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours at the gym. On the contrary, a 30-minute high intensity workout is far more effective than a 1.5 hour workout filled with unnecessary breaks. Thus, schedule in  30 minutes during your day for a workout and crank it out! Furthermore, prior to calling it a night, spend just a little bit of time preparing some healthy snacks to take with you to [the office] the following day so you don’t visit the fat-filled vending machine. Finally, make time for breakfast.  A nutritious and filling breakfast will do wonders in reducing your appetite and preventing unnecessary snacking throughout the day.”

– Anil Merchant, Co-Founder of SocialDrv, LLC: @Anil_Merchant


11. Take a holistic approach.

“Plan Ahead! If you fail to slow down and plan ahead, you’re own health and well-being will always suffer. Some of the biggest keys to wellness are strong relationships, nutrition, sleep, exercise and spirituality. Like all entrepreneurs, I have struggled with balance, but here are some specific ways that careful scheduling has helped me. For example: I joined Crossfit where I take group fitness classes which provides accountability and efficient workouts. I get in bed at 10pm to ensure that I am not a zombie [the next day]. I commit to attending church on Saturday nights. I bring my own lunch and daily snacks so I am not tempted to make bad choices. I reserve ‘Funday Sunday’ to intentionally connect with my wife, kids, and friends. I also reevaluate my personal and work schedule on a regular basis to make adjustments where needed. With business responsibilities swirling, it can be hard to keep the commitment to our own health but it is imperative to our stamina, effectiveness happiness and professional image.”

– Calvin G. Mayes, Jr., Owner and Doctor of Iron Physical Therapy: @DrMayesPT


12. Get some fresh air.

“Since entrepreneurs work 24/7, it’s really important to block out a small chunk of time, every day, to get outside and move. Even if it’s a 10-minute walk around the block, the sunshine, the fresh air and the bit of exercise do wonders to stimulate brain function, improve energy and get some vitamin D. Not to mention, it’s a few minutes away from the craziness when you can think through a problem, plan next steps or practice some gratitude.”

– Suzanne Casamento, Founder of Fantasy Dating: @fantasydaters


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