Improve SMB Human Resources Practices with These 10 Articles

Ten must-read articles that aim to help you improve your human capital efforts.

Developing a workforce is a primary challenge for startups and small businesses. Every business owner needs HR solutions that will allow them to do what they do best. From managing human resources, employee benefits, payroll, and more — meeting your unique human capital needs should be a priority.

So, here’s a look at ten articles that aim to help you improve your human capital efforts:


1. Top 15 Small Business Hiring Mistakes

Hiring employees is one of the main challenges entrepreneurs face. So, we asked entrepreneurs to reveal the top hiring mistakes small business owners make. Avoid making these fifteen mistakes at all costs.


2. Downsizing? Business Leaders Share Tips on How to Conduct Layoffs

According to Nolo.com, “In many cases, by the time the pink slips get passed around, most of the workforce will already know that layoffs are coming. They will be aware of declining profits, changes in the marketplace, or the elimination of a product line, and that combined with closed-door meetings will get tongues wagging.” But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do them. So, we asked business leaders (i.e., human resources professionals, attorneys, and entrepreneurs) to share their essential tips on how to downsize with tact and professionalism.


3. How Much Should We Pay Employees? Consider These 5 Payroll Tips

Are you unsure of how much to pay employees? The Federal Labor Standards Act defines the minimum wage for a variety of business categories. Although employers must comply with the FLSA, some states have enacted a “living wage” that is higher than FLSA’s listed minimum wage. Therefore, it is essential for small business owners to, at the very least, familiarize themselves with these standards and develop a wage commensurate with the job at hand.


4. Creative Ways to Find and Hire Great Employees

Great employees are hard to come by. Successful small business owners should always keep their eyes open for fresh new talent. However, once you begin recruiting new hires, you may be faced with limited options and resources. If so, here are five creative ways to locate great employees.


5. FreshBooks VP of HR Shares 5 Ways to Cultivate Workplace Harmony and Happy Employees

Employee happiness isn’t just about the stuff you can offer. A competitive salary and gym membership are important, but they are utterly meaningless if employees hate the person they work for or feel as though they are stuck on a dead-end path with limited career growth.
So, if you want to increase employee happiness and cultivate a harmonious workplace here are five simple, and budget-friendly, ways to do it:


6. Four Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Hiring a Staffing Agency

Hiring new employees can be overwhelming. However, it is important to keep constant tabs on your staffing needs and the critical positions that need to be filled. Often a new hire does not bring immediate monetary return to small businesses, so it is important to correctly forecast necessary labor costs based on sales projections. While working with a staffing agency comes with additional overhead costs, in contrast hiring the wrong person can have a lasting impact on company morale, productivity and your bottom line.


7. 6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Hire Virtual Employees

If you’ve been contemplating hiring virtual employees, it may be time to seriously consider taking the leap. Why? Because, adding highly qualified individuals to your team (without minimal overhead) can remove a large burden and free up your time to focus on driving profit instead of daily administrative tasks.


8. 4 Work Smart Human Resources Tools for Small Business Owners

Managing a growing team is a balancing act between serving individual’s needs alongside the needs of your business. Ensuring adequate productivity without the risk of high turnover rates and employee burnout is important to the long-term growth of your organization. These four human resource tools can help you and your HR staff work smarter.


9. How to Manage Human Resources More Effectively

Should you invest in human resources for your company? Absolutely, but don’t let fear be the motivator for change. While non-compliance with federal, state and local regulations is not insignificant in terms of financial penalties and litigation risks, consider taking a proactive and commonsense approach to HR and compliance.


10. I’m Ready to Hire Employees: How Do I Setup Payroll?

It’s time to hire your first employee (or five, twenty or more).
When you start a business, hiring employees can be a rite of passage; a sign that the business is really getting off the ground. But before you add an employee to your startup’s payroll, it is important to think about what that payroll is going to look like.



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