6 Ways to Improve Your Telephone Sales Pitch

Here are six quick, yet easily forgotten, pointers to optimize the results of your next small business sales call.

When it comes to sales, it is easy to convince someone you already know. Generally, you know what resonates with them and what doesn’t.

It’s also more effective to pitch to someone in person. From building rapport to dressing well and sharing a genuine smile it is easy to create a good first impression. But when you are selling to someone over the phone, you have several minutes to share your message and make a customer interested in your product or service, not to mention, make them want to spend their money on it.

So, here are six quick, yet easily forgotten, pointers to optimize the results of your next sales call.


  1. Master the phone introduction.

    The best way to start any conversation is a greeting with a smile. Your smile may not be visible, but it shows in your voice. Ask the prospect how they are doing and ensure they can take a five minute call. This should be enough to bring their attention completely to your call from the other activities that occupied them.

  2. Show empathy and authenticity.

    It’s time to present your pitch, but don’t make it sound like one. Every product or service heals some type of pain point. Ask the customer if it is a pain that they need (or want to) address. Empathize with their situation and propose a way to help solve it. Essentially, you are pitching your offering, but not till the customer knows they needs it. Once you have piqued curiosity it leaves the desired impact.

  3. Don’t repeatedly name your product or service.

    I often find salespeople repeatedly mentioning: “my product does x, y and z.” It is essential, but not necessary to repeat your product or service three times in one minute. This tells a prospect that you care about your product than their problem. When you talk to a potential customer, let them know you care about their needs. Be a genuine person offering a genuine solution to their problem.

  4. Maintain your composure.

    When you start a sales conversation, you are talking as an individual. However, the moment you introduce your product, it is about your company. Remember that you are the one who benefits if the deal closes, and you alone will lose if it doesn’t. Consider the idea that your prospect may be inundated with sales pitches, so it’s your job to make your sales pitch personal and effective.

  5. Never leave the conversation hanging.

    If you have gained a prospects time, you have done an awesome work so far. This likely means the customer has expressed interested in your product or service. So, seize the opportunity now! Don’t wait for a prospect to visit your website to close the deal. Depending on your product or service, and the sales cycle lead time, ask for an in-person meeting or provide them with a quick product demo. As they say, strike when the iron is hot!

  6. Follow-up with an email.

    Send a written follow-up of your conversation and next steps. Your prospective customer may be very busy with work and other engagements that could potentially cloud your proposal.


Kritika Prashant is a Content Strategist at VoiceTree Technologies, India. This article was first shared on the MyOperator blog at www.myoperator.co/blog. Connect with MyOperator on Twitter.


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