Op-Ed: Why We Need More Women in Startups

After 4 months of working side-by-side with my female co-worker, the proof was definitely in the pudding, every startup needs a professional woman.

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Now I’m not saying that the male perspective isn’t important. Let’s not forget, I am a man, and I would like to think that my thoughts are worth a fair few. However, sometimes hearing the yin to my yang makes me see things differently. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in our train of thoughts, and it’s even easier to keep rolling down the same river of ramblings when you have other buddies to back you up.

Sometimes being hit with a curve ball is the best possible medicine.


A Male’s Perspective on Women in Business

I think in my time working with women, I have come to one very important conclusion. Men can try to understand women as a whole, and in business, men often try and sometimes succeed in catering to their female clientele. I, however, would stand to reason that only a woman has the innate power to truly understand what women need, while understanding what men want and finding a unique way to couple the two together.

[pullquote]”When it comes to strategic planning, women have got it in the bank. In my years spent in the workforce, I have come across many women with, dare I say, ‘superpowers’ in organizational execution.”[/pullquote]When it comes to strategic planning, women have got it in the bank. In my years spent in the workforce, I have come across many women with, dare I say, “superpowers” in organizational execution.

That extra minute women take to draw up an outline, proofread a document, or comb their hair, well there’s a reason for all of that, and wasting time has nothing to do with it. I have come to realize that almost every move a woman makes, especially in business, is a calculated one.

While risk-taking is an important element in order to achieve success, a well-thought out, and properly executed business model never hurt anyone. I take my hat off to female leaders in the workplace, and I would certainly shake the hand of any business owner who recognized the importance of having a professional woman on his team.

It is so easy to become an all male team, but I honestly believe that a woman’s touch is necessary in all aspects of life, and is especially necessary in business.


It’s Time for Women to Step up to the ‘Startup’ Plate

Here’s the crux of it, I have participated in many startup competitions and networking events, and in all of my years of being an active member in the startup scene, I have seen an underwhelming amount of female participants.

These events, which cater to young entrepreneurs, and are open to anyone who wants to participate somehow only attract a very small percentage of females, and in my eyes this is very saddening. The truth of the matter is any startup new on the scene can benefit from having a woman as part of its leadership team. However, it seems that not enough women are stepping up to the plate.

Women need to start taking a more active stance in the startup scene, and as men we should welcome them warmly. Women as a group have certainly made their place in the workforce. However, there are less active women in startups then I would like to admit.

Like with any leap, this too can be overcome, and I believe that this would be a positive change in the startup dynamic. I have recently learnt the value of a woman’s opinion in a startup, and it is strong voice that I would not consider working without in the future.

Edited by Leytal Ross.


Avishai Sam Bitton is the Founder of Go Social Israel and Marketing Manager at imonomy. He loves Internet startups, PC gaming, Star Wars, blogging, photography, LinkedIn and Linda. Connect with imonomy on Twitter.

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