Building a Small Business? Don’t Neglect Your Health

Follow these five quick tips to improve your health while not having to dedicate huge chunks of time and effort.

I’ve seen it a thousand times; a successful entrepreneur who is at the top of their professional career, but is in terrible physical shape. Every time I see it I’m struck by how hard it must be to be at your peak in your career while struggling with your health.

To me, a healthy body is one of the most important things a person can have. Being healthy improves your mood, your immune system, your clarity of mind, and so much more. Therefore, if you’re trying to be successful in other realms of your life, you could be holding yourself back by ignoring your health.

I get it, being healthy takes time and effort. There’s exercise that needs to be done, diets that need to be followed, and other small time consuming tasks that need to be performed to obtain optimal health. But how is this any different from being a successful entrepreneur?

Being successful in optimal shape in those two fields requires study, hard work, dedication, and motivation. Many of the same qualities required for good health. So, in an effort to make it easier to adopt, I’ve come up with five quick tips to improving your health while not having to dedicate huge chunks of time to the effort.


  1. Stretch as soon as you wake up.

    Often times poor posture and minor aches and pains can be due to muscle and joint issues. One of the best ways to help improve these problems is with stretching. When you get out of bed in the morning, pull up a YouTube clip on some quick and easy stretches. Spend the next five minutes doing stretches. Even small changes like this can pay big dividends throughout the day.

  2. Take the stairs.

    The next time you’re headed into a building with more than one floor, make a conscious decision to take the stairs. It might only be going up one or two floors, but by doing this repeatedly, you’ll be shocked at the benefits that it can produce.

  3. Park further away.

    Especially during the busy holiday season, parking lots are usually packed full. I’m always taken aback by how many cars I see circling the parking lot looking for a spot close to the door. In the time it took them to find that spot, they could have parked a half mile away and walked. And that half mile of walking will produce a lot more benefits for their health than sitting in a car seat for 15 minutes.

  4. Leave half your food on the plate.

    Most restaurants and food joints put way too much food on your plate. Serving sizes have almost doubled over the last 20 years. Trust me, you don’t need all the food they put on the plate. And it doesn’t have to go to waste. Simply ask for a to-go box right as your food gets there. That way you won’t be tempted to keep picking at your plate after you’ve stopped eating. Finish half your food, then immediately place it in the to-go box. Then you’ll have another meal for the price of one.

  5. Instead of an office chair, use a yoga or exercise ball.

    You’ve probably watched the videos on YouTube of people getting pegged by yoga balls, or using them as springboards on the beach. Yes, they’re great for pranks and having fun, but they’re also great for your core. Instead of sitting on an office chair that can actually promote bad posture, sit on a yoga ball. It will force you to engage your core to stay upright and you’ll find yourself bouncing around on it. This will work your legs and back.

These are just a few tips to help improve your health. Start with these and then add your own as you feel more comfortable. With the new year upon us, I would challenge you to focus on your health as well as your professional career. You’ll be shocked how much focusing on the first will help with the latter.


As the president of LIFE Eric Viskovicz devised the science behind one of the most effective weight loss strategies in the world. Eric spearheaded the boot camp revolution that has taken the nation by a storm. With over 22 years of experience he has scientifically perfected with tested proven results a program that erupted well before the biggest looser and other television network weight loss programs. Find out more about Eric at www.liveinfitness.com.


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