Hiring a Graphic Designer? These 5 Tools Will Make Their Job Easier

Here's a look at five tools your graphic artist will need in order to succeed.

So, you need to hire a graphic designer? Could it be that the out-dated PC’s in your office are scaring off new hires?

When it comes to improving your website, corporate identity, or marketing and sales collateral a professional graphic designer came prove to be a tremendous asset to your team. But before you hire a graphic designer make sure you can reap the benefits of having the latest technology on the market to suit their design needs. Some tools make the creative process easier or better, while others can bring inspiration to their fingertips.

Here’s a look at five tools your graphic artist will need in order to succeed:


  1. Drawing Tablet and Stylus

    A drawing tablet is a must-have for graphic designers. Most drawing tablets act as an extension to a desktop or laptop computer — the interface for your digital canvas. Drawing tablets allow your designer to work with greater precision and control than a computer mouse.

    In combination with a pressure sensitive stylus, the drawing effects are similar to those achieved with a pencil and paper. Some drawing tablets on the market can even detect the angle of the stylus to provide realistic shading techniques. Combined with certain styluses, like Wacom’s Airbrush Pen, an artist can control the spray distance of their digital airbrush.

  2. Graphic Design Monitor

    Anyone working on digital art needs a high-end computer monitor to display projects as accurately as possible. Look for a monitor that is geared towards photo and video editing; with accurate color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and high resolution. It’s important to have a monitor that can accurately display the images created.

  3. Software and Digital Arts Apps

    Graphic design software is essential. For example, Adobe’s Creative Suite is still the top of the line software for graphic design, video editing, and web development. There are a few free downloads that can replace some of the functionality of Adobe’s creative software, but they don’t offer all of the features available from Adobe.

    There are several mobile apps out there for artists who want to work from tablets such as: Paper by FiftyThree, iDraw, Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, and Procreate. And let’s not forget about apps that help artists find inspiration, like Artnear (listings of galleries and museums and exhibitions worldwide) and Art Authority (a database of famous artwork). For a full list of art apps, click here.

  4. Smartphone (with Cam Extensions)

    A graphic designer can’t always have their camera with them. When they don’t, at least ensure they have the next best thing. Having a company-provided smartphone in their pocket will allow them to seize the opportunity for a shot of your customers at an event or new product shots (i.e., great photos for your next marketing campaign.) Smartphone cameras have come a long way, but there are some easy ways to enhance your mobile camera. Consider smartphone attachable lens extensions for quality pictures and creative imaging.

  5. 3D printer

    This certainly isn’t a necessity, but a 3D printer opens up a lot of creative opportunities for graphic artists. Whether creating physical prototypes or creating pieces for a physical display, a 3D printer can significantly reduce production time. And don’t think something this amazing is too far out of reach. 3D printer costs range from $3,000 to $1,600 dollars.

The integration of art and technology continues to advance and open new opportunities for creation. Areas such as digital art and graphic design have been centered around technology, but even traditional art is being impacted as social media, mobile apps and the web have made it easier than ever to find new graphic artists, techniques, and inspiration. So, before you hire your next graphic artist, equip them with the tools they need to succeed.


Bruno Galera works for Dell and keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest mobile and gadget trends. When he’s not reading about the latest tech devices, you can find him cooking, reading, cheering on his favorite football team, or at a museum enjoying contemporary art and photography. Connect with @Dell on Twitter.


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