Lenders and Bankers: Here’s What Small Business Owners Really Want

Both businesses and creditors need to take some responsibility in order for common sense to prevail. Here's how to start...

It appears that the world is finally emerging from a daunting and challenging recession. Thus, more small businesses are searching for business loans and other financial solutions than ever before. Unfortunately, many institutions are not proactively addressing the unique needs of the small business owner.

So, here’s a look at five steps that will help your firm guarantee success:


  • Milestones

    Since there are a massive number of institutions offering similar small business loan packages and financial solutions, customers are more likely to switch banking institutions if they feel that their requirements are not being satisfied. Thus, setting achievable targets for client engagement, customer satisfaction and new acquisitions are important to stay one step ahead of your competition … next door.

  • Bespoke Service

    One of the key reasons that a small business customer may choose to switch to a different small business banker is if they feel that their discrete needs are not being catered to. It is essential that a banking institution understands the type of business and industries their clients are involved in, appreciate their unique borrowing requirements and caters to these metrics in a proactive and interpersonal manner.

  • Clarity, Flexibility and Insight

    Small business customers need to be offered pricing plans that cater to their desires. So, a scalable and modular approach should be taken. This will provide more clarity to their options and give clients a flexibility to choose the best lending package available. Additionally, your lending institution needs to represent a robust knowledge base with bankers that can address any pertinent questions. Should the lender become a viable reference point, clients are more likely to remain loyal and content with the clarity of service that is provided.

  • Room to Grow

    Although the term “small business” it rather broad in scope, it is essential that lending institutions define this parameter and communicate it clearly. This will allow the lender to not only appreciate the needs of the individual small business owner, but the banking representatives themselves will be able to address requirements with greater efficiency and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction as the client grows.

  • Proper Networking

    Personal contact is a powerful tool to help foster loyalty. While online baking and virtual banking institutions are continuing to grow in their scope of operations, it is still important that client engagement takes center stage.

Both businesses and creditors need to take some responsibility in order for common sense to prevail. When there’s a mutual understanding that the art of empathizing with business needs to be learned and done properly, and that the financial benefits continue without putting an entire economy at risk, we all stand to make a rewarding living in a way that benefits each other.


Lateef Mauricio Abro is the Director of Global Marketing at Omega Performance, the lending and banking training experts. Connect with Omega Performance on Twitter.


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