Helpful Tips to Create and Build a Unique Brand

Although creating a comprehensive branding campaign can be both time consuming and costly for startups, there are several ways to streamline the process.

One of the many challenges entrepreneurs face during the initial stages of business planning is brand development and design. Your new company’s name, logo, marketing and advertising materials (and even website) are all integral elements of your overall brand design. Although the efforts required to create a comprehensive branding campaign can be both time consuming and costly for startups, there are several ways to streamline the process.


A Brand is More Than Just a Logo

After you’ve picked a business name, it is crucial to design a logo that customers will remember. Your logo does much more than differentiate your brand from competitors; it can also be a powerful marketing tool. Memorable logos create a feeling of familiarity amongst prospective clients or customers and can influence sales and long-term growth.

In fact, many major corporations are recognized by their logo alone and feature their famous branding prominently throughout their marketing and advertising channels. Furthermore, creating a unique business logo design has become an easier process in today’s digital age.

Today, cost-effective (or even free) resources exist on the Internet which allow business owners and marketing managers to create high-quality logos without expensive, high-end graphic design agencies.

Creating a captivating and cost-effective logo design is the first step to a complete branding campaign launch; although it may not prove to be the most challenging for many aspiring startups.

Designing effective sales, marketing and advertising materials which feature your logo has also proven to be a daunting task for many businesses on a budget. To attract new business, it takes more than just a logo.


Ensure a Successful Brand Launch

Once you’ve created your company logo, it’s time to put it to work. Small businesses can reduce marketing and advertising expenses by using a single, cohesive brand presence across all communications platforms and materials. Everything from letterheads to websites should be designed with a focus on consistency.

A consistent branding strategy maximizes efficiency by minimizing time expenditures. Utilizing a single logo, color scheme, and format to present your brand (both internally and to prospects and clients) is an important business branding technique.

Like logo design, there are several online options for complete brand development that help small businesses create all the necessary materials to promote their new company with a strong R.O.I. in mind.

After determining which marketing and advertising materials and resources are most valuable to your business model, the final phase of your successful brand launch begins.


Building a World Class Brand

With the advent of the Internet, cost-effective branding alternatives have given traditional logo design companies and direct marketing agencies significant competition. As such resources continue to evolve and become more user-friendly, many businesses are likely to help these “alternatives” become the global standard for business and brand design.

A unique logo as well as consistent and captivating marketing tools are among the first necessary components to have in place for a successful brand launch. All that remains is developing a brand deployment strategy to your target audience to ensure that your marketing and advertising resources drive the intended demographics to your small business.

Your company website, social media profiles, and email marketing are proven distribution channels; while also acting as powerful, standalone branding platforms themselves. For most businesses in the 21st century, a digital brand launch is the most effective and least costly method to building a profitable business.


Zaheer Dodhia is the Owner and Founder of DesignMantic.com. DesignMantic.com is the most complete logo and brand design solution on the Web, allowing users to design logos for businesses and blogs as well as wedding monograms. Connect with @designmantic on Twitter.


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