Who Knew a Mobile App Could Do This for Business?

Whether it’s for driving customer engagement, sales, or as a brand building exercise, investing in a mobile app for your business can put you on a path to...

Photo: Vishal Gumber, Founder of Appsquare; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Vishal Gumber, Founder of Appsquare; Source: Courtesy Photo

The Internet is quickly losing ground to mobile apps.


In a few years’ time, apps could very well overtake standard websites as the go-to source for information online. In 2013, according to Business Insider, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users, as it pertains to Internet access.

Why is this the case? Generally speaking, mobile exerts a powerful advantage over the desktop given its ability to remain connected and online all the time, wherever a user goes. In such a world, where nearly all consumers have gone mobile, why shouldn’t your business join them on this platform?

Here are three smart reasons why a mobile app is what your company needs and how it can give you a crucial edge over the competition:


  • Reach customers anywhere, anytime.

    Unlike a website which can only be accessed whenever users are online, a mobile app can keep them engaged and connected with you when they are on the move. Be it for looking up vital information about you, getting in touch with any particular department in your office, or for sales purposes, a mobile app is a far more engaging alternative. When using a mobile app, people can connect with you, and vice versa, while they are lounging around at home, or when they are traveling to and from work. A 24/7 accessible mobile app is great for brand building too, and can increase the brand recall value for your business.

  • Mobile is easier and more intuitive.

    Sometimes, websites can get a little too tiresome to navigate. Especially when your customers, or general public, would like to connect with your business for specific purposes (e.g., customer or sales support). A mobile app is far more easy to operate than a website. It is far easier and convenient than clicking through several pages of a website. Not only does a mobile app have a more intuitive interface that allows users to complete their tasks much faster, but it also offers a more personalized feel than a website. Ultimately, it’s all about making your customers and business partners feel more valued.

  • Mobile offers a more socially intuitive platform.

    A mobile app allows for greater interaction with social media than a standard company website. Integrating your mobile app with social networks and messaging apps will increase the level of customer engagement with lesser investment of time and resources. Social integration will also help you earn more word-of-mouth publicity by making it easier for app users to share what they like about your business with their social networks. Also, going social makes your brand appear more accessible and easier to connect with, which would enable you to gather more customer feedback. Offer your customers a simple way to talk to you, and you will receive a lot of important feedback to help you improve your business and steer well ahead of your competition with ease.

A mobile app is quite essential for a business, no matter your industry. Whether it’s for driving customer engagement, sales, or as a brand building exercise, investing in a mobile app for your business can put you on a path to greater returns.


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Vishal Gumber is the founder of Appsquare, a Syndey-based mobile app development company that prides itself on developing highly interactive and engaging mobile apps and games.Connect with @appsquare_apps on Twitter.


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