7 Must-Have Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

If you are time-crunched and too busy to sift through the latest apps and online services work smarter with this list of affordable must-have apps.

Operating a small business requires a lot of time and effort. Every entrepreneur or startup founder will juggle many tasks. Without the proper systems, processes and tools in place the responsibility of owning a business can lead to startup burnout and stress. But with the help of technology, entrepreneurial pursuits become more manageable.

In this exciting tech-enabled world entrepreneurs can now rely on apps and online tools in managing workflow and operations. If you are time-crunched and too busy to sift through the latest apps and online services work smarter with this list of affordable must-have apps.



As an entrepreneur you’ve got plenty of irons in the fire – multiple projects, closing deals, partner meetings, etc. In order to get things done and bring more efficiency to your work schedule try Any.do. Any.do is a simple app for organizing your day. Manage all of your work projects and personal to-dos in one place and collaborate with others to be more productive.



Setting goals is important for entrepreneurs. Tracking your goals is the hard part. Full app—a goal-tracking app that helps you track, measure, and visualize what’s important to you—offers a convenient gesture-based interface to keep you on the right path. Simply add any number of tasks and set a specific time period that you’d like to achieve them.



Busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to keep their cell phone contact information up to date. The ingenious Addappt app resolves the issue of having outdated contact details by having each individual person manage their own contact card over multiple devices. The app uses built-in contacts’ database and automatically syncs contact information to everyone in your business network. Once you install this app, your address book updates in real-time when business associates update their information. You can also use Addappt to send messages on different contact groups on your device for free.



Getting things done requires collaboration. Teamwork requires the right tools. ProofHub is a cloud based project management software and online team collaboration tool which helps you to manage, plan, organize and deliver projects. Delegate and complete tasks with ease; assign tasks, estimate due dates, record progress, and measure the end results of projects more effectively. Best of all, Proofhub is packed with special features such as time-tracking, proofing, file sharing, time sheets and more.



Who has time to print a contract, sign it and fax it back? Instead you can sign contracts, NDA’s, forms, you name it with secure, legally binding e-signatures; No downloads, no plugins, no hassle. Sign and send time-sensitive documents online. Plus, you don’t need to regularly follow-up with signatories since the app will automatically send out reminders or alerts in your behalf.



If you own an online business you know that monitoring website analytics is important. With Clicky entrepreneurs and small business owners can monitor, analyze, and react to their traffic in real time and stay up-to-date with the latest Google trends and algorithms. If your website experiences a sudden spike in traffic, you’ll see it as it happens and know where visitors are coming from.

Invoice2go Lite

Need an easy way to create invoices? Invoice2Go simplifies the process. You can quickly format and send an invoice or estimate costs in just minutes from both iOS and Android mobile devices. Invoice2Go helps you handle invoices, manage billing, collect payments and review financial reports as efficiently as possible. It also gives you the flexibility to communicate with customers regardless of your location.

These online tools and apps can help you lighten the load and get the most of your hectic business day. With these life-simplifying and right resources, any entrepreneur can be more effective and productive.


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