Back-Office Basics: How To Organize Offsite Business Storage

To ensure your most valuable business assets are securely and efficiently stored, here’s a look at the basics of organizing efficient offsite business storage.

One thing that is certainly important to any growing business, is reliable and secure offsite storage. Whether it is materials, documents, records or finished products, important items have to be stored in a way that allows them to be easily accessed and retrieved. If they are not stored correctly, this could hamper the efficiency or your operations.

To ensure your most valuable business assets are securely and efficiently stored, here’s a look at the basics of organizing efficient offsite business storage.


Create a Digital Inventory

The first step to proper offsite business storage is to give employees the ability to track and update storage inventory. There are plenty of inventory management software packages that allow you to do this.

When an item in the inventory is used, the employee who retrieves it can update the inventory with an app. This way, inventory is always correct. It will also allow you to restock well before things run out. This will increase all-around back-office efficiency in your business.


Create a Digital Map

You can still have storage access problems even if you keep a proper inventory. For one, if you have enough supplies stored in large warehouse, it may be difficult for employees to quickly locate items. This is why a digital map should be created.

Make sure it includes the entire layout of the warehouse or storage facility. It should also have areas marked and grouped according to item type. It should be clear and legible. Your digital inventory map should also be updated each time something is moved or added. This is why having an easily modified digital template is important.

Also, don’t forget to make it searchable by keywords to make the process of finding things even quicker. When you have frequent deliveries to your offsite storage, the map can be updated along with the inventory list when items are unloaded from trucks.


Use Proper Storage Shelves and Bins

Last but not least, be careful to pack materials or other important items in a way that will keep them neatly organized and protect them from damage. Quantum Storage chrome wire shelving is one good option.

Shelves keep items elevated from the ground level. This way they will not come into as much contact with dirt or moisture. They also provide more room for storage since everything can be placed vertically. Avoid implementing shelves if you are in an area prone to earthquakes. Placing the items into bins is another good option that can add an extra layer of protection while those items remain in storage.

Overall, it is your job to make sure that essential business items are stored properly offsite. If they are, it will ensure that employees and vendors can find what they need quickly to more efficiently perform their jobs.


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