5 Steps To Brand Clarity

Creating a brand is very intentional. Branding has a purpose.

  1. Who are you speaking to?

    Create a customer profile, a fictional character that represents your ideal client. Note their age, gender and location and ask questions that will build a clearer picture. Do they have kids? What are their earnings? Doing this brings massive clarity and makes your marketing efforts so much easier because when you post content on social media and develop marketing campaigns, you have your ideal customer in mind.

    For instance, if you are weight loss coach your customer profile may be a 40 year old woman named Sarah who has two kids under the age of 10. Sarah is a life coach who works from home, her husband has a full-time job. She knows she has piled on the pounds and is concerned about her image. Despite this, Sarah just can’t find time to go to the gym, cook healthy meals, serve her clients and look after her husband and kids. Sarah knows she has to get her health in order because she feels tired and unmotivated.

    Do you see how specific your customer profile should be? You know her name, age and pain points. You also know you have the solutions to her problems.

  2. What do you want to be known for?

    This is the beauty of entrepreneurship. You decide what you want to be known for. Remember when I said that branding is intentional? This is exactly what I mean. You begin to craft, shape and form your brand. You decide how you want to be viewed. People can only say about you what you put out there. Be very strategic about what you post and your images, because you are creating a picture of who you are and what you stand for.

In today’s highly competitive market you can’t depend on “hope” marketing … posting on your company blog and hoping for the best. Your content should be instantly recognizable, convey your brand’s core values, and be entertaining, useful and relevant. Brand clarity will help you focus your efforts and create a unique brand.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Petra Foster is a Branding consultant who creates branding strategies for entrepreneurs, to establish themselves as industry leaders and unleash their expertise during a time of increased competition. If you want to find your voice define your brand, dominate your niche and become the leader your were born to be Petra is for you. Connect with @petra_foster on Twitter.


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