6 Self-Care Tips To Transform Your Business

Here are 6 smart ways to start taking better care of yourself.

There may be no ‘I’ in team, but whether you’re part of a fledgling startup or run a thriving and established business, you shouldn’t be putting your personal needs last.

As MindBodyGreen contributor Trish Allen suggests, “When your needs are met, and self-care is a non-negotiable priority, you can come to the world as the best version of yourself; fully nourished and ready to nourish those around you.”

Most entrepreneurs spend a ton of time rushing from one task to the next, juggling competing deadlines and worrying about what will happen if they take their eye off the ball.

It’s important to remember that finding your personal work-life balance flow is important, as many successful people can attest to – even Google’s former CFO retired early with a candid memo about work/life balance. (Mashable)


Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care has a direct impact on your health by leaving you refreshed, focused and energized. Psychology experts have noted that being selfish has the ability to make you a better person. (Fast Company) When you are happy and well-rested, your relationships, rational thought, memory and determination are all the better off for it.

Why work grueling hours, only to get sick and have to take time off anyway? How can you operate at full potential when you’re running on empty? It could do your company more harm than good.

Here are 6 smart ways to start taking better care of yourself.


  1. Schedule a Day Off

    Take at least one day a week to be away from your business – preferably two. During this time, do not check email, but leave an emergency number for your team to call just in case. If you’re a solopreneur, create systems and processes that automate your workflow and enable you to step away.

    Before you leave the office the day before, delegate essential tasks to your most capable and trustworthy team members. Run a full briefing so everybody knows what is expected of them during your absence. Use your day off to spend time with family and friends, or reconnect with yourself. Visit a spa, go see a movie, go for lunch or simply relax at home.

  2. Allow for Daily Decompression

    During the day, always allow time for decompression. Find a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts. This can be especially helpful after a particularly arduous task or a long meeting. Go for a walk, or move to a space other than your desk. Read, call a loved one, write in your journal for 15 minutes or listen to music. Take time away from technology during these periods.

  3. Never Eat and Work

    When you try to do other tasks whilst you eat, you often don’t realize how much you are eating, or have the presence to really enjoy it. When you do make the time to eateat. Don’t squander your lunch time by trying to do other things simultaneously. If you must eat at your desk, clear the workspace and enjoy your food. Take time to chew your food slowly (studies confirm eating slowly benefits your health and waistline). Be grateful for it. Appreciate it.


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