Is Your Brand Missing The Mark? 5 Brand Rules To Live By

A business with an exceptional brand will resonate with its customers and connect with them on a personal level. Here's a look at five brand rules to keep...

  1. Develop a meaningful name.

    Your brand’s name will set the overall tone for your organization and act as a springboard for future brand elements. Rather important, I’d say. Crafting the perfect name from the get-go is imperative, and sometimes it takes a bold move.

    For example, the 1980s band Talk Talk named one of its earliest songs “Talk Talk.” This was a risky move (the song could have tanked, after all), but it paid off. Ultimately, the name defined the band’s sound and surely stuck in the heads of its audience.

    With a little time and guidance, you can get your brand’s name right the first time. Don’t settle for an imperfect domain name or choose a creatively spelled name, such as Lyft did. Doing so will only weaken your brand’s strength and searchability. Plus, renaming your brand later will not only cost you time and money, but it also will cost you customers.

  2. Design a timeless logo.

    Your logo is your brand identity and the visual foundation of your business. It’s the eye candy, sex appeal, and aesthetic representation of your organization. It also embodies your brand’s philosophy.

    Getting your brand identity just right is an art form, and many brands before you have mastered it, so better join them. Without a great design, you’re taking a big risk: A convoluted or unoriginal logo can easily confuse or irk your customers. It surely won’t excite them.

    You have to aim for timeless, not trendy. To create a timeless identity, focus on your purpose. For example, while working to create a brand for Onramp Bioinformatics, we looked at the company’s core values. The hexagon design we settled on was intended to resonate with biotech and IT executives and bring to mind trustworthiness, innovation, and collaboration. The logo tells its own story. By using your logo to tell your story, you will create a lasting asset that will pay dividends for years to come.

  3. Launch a website that resonates.

    Last but not least, your company needs an impressive website that showcases your brand strategy through design and language. The key to the success of your company website relies on more than that, though.

    The copy is key. It needs to answer three questions: “Who is your audience?” “Why should they care?” and “What are you selling?” If you can’t answer these questions in your copy, you’ll miss your target audience, and no one will care about (or buy) your product, despite the otherwise perfect brand you spent countless days and nights building.


A business with an exceptional brand will resonate with its customers and connect with them on a personal level. With the right process, you’ll create the perfect brand image that appeals to your target audience and helps your budding business thrive.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Fabian Geyrhalter is the founder and principal of FINIEN, a consultancy that specializes in turning ventures into brands. He strives to redefine a company’s vision and turn it into the foundation of a meaningful brand. Fabian is a frequent public speaker, a mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide, and the co-author of the No. 1 bestselling book “How to Launch a Brand.” Connect with @FINIENInsights on Twitter.


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