Entrepreneurs Reveal The Type Of Office Space Their Companies Call ‘Home’

Here’s a behind the scenes look at twenty-one entrepreneurs as they reveal where their companies prefer to call “

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  1. Work anywhere — except the ‘office.’

    “Starting a new company, opening nine stores in ten months and being a father of five, I am on the go a lot, so I have mastered being productive most anywhere – excluding the office! When I am able to work from one place for a period of time, I feel I am most productive and creative working from my kitchen table at home with my pets by my side.”

    Years in business: 1

    Marco Giannini, Founder and CEO of Protein For Pets

  2. Co-working improves work-life balance.

    “I typically work from coworking spaces. Working around others keeps me focused and gives me an easy way to bounce ideas off of others. It’s also a great social outlet. It also helps me stay connected to what’s going on in the world — otherwise it’s hard to keep up and hard to have work-life balance.”

    Years in business: 4

    Melissa Mesku, Co-founder of Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC

  3. Find a workspace that offers peak efficiency.

    “We work in various spaces depending on the work that needs to be done. Sometimes I work from home when I have a client that calls at 8am and needs something asap. We use shared office space in different areas of NYC when we need a high energy work environment to keep us focused and motivated. We also work out of coffee shops when we need a change of scenery or have a meeting. The main goal is to be focused on the task at hand. Whatever keeps you at peak efficiency is the best place to be at that moment.”

    Years in business: 2

    Larry Dukhovny, CTO of MyBizGeek

  4. Boost productivity with co-working.

    “Having a functional work space is a big first step toward reaching your goals as an entrepreneur. I’ve tried working from home and working at cafes, but find that I’m far more productive and effective working out of a shared co-working space … The biggest boost comes from the social pressure of seeing other people around you working hard and the self-inflicted pressure of making the most use out of something you now pay for monthly. Well that, and the unlimited coffee!”

    Years in business: 5

    Daniel Dengrove, Founder and President of Brewla Bars

  5. Flex office space makes travel easy.

    “My work takes me to many states. I needed to find a solution that would offer me a flexible work environment where I could have a quiet office space to use reliable internet, in between my sales calls … all across the country. I found this and much more through a company called Regus… I’d researched many co-working spaces [that were costly and] only one location, so for me … [flexible office space] has been an incredible resource.”

    Years in business: 1

    Carin Luna-Ostaseski, Founder and CEO SIA Scotch Whisky

  6. Co-working and home office space work well together.

    “While I prefer primarily to work from home because of the flexibility it affords, I have just joined a co-working space in Philadelphia … where I can spend 50 hours a month collaborating, utilizing flexible work spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, board rooms and a presentation space. The networking alone has been worth the cost of the shared space. My preferred method is to work … out of my home [and] to have the convenience … of a co-working space at my disposal. They are a perfect complement to one another.”

    Years in business: 1+

    Gail A. Martin, Principal, Brand Strategist of OrangeLine Consulting, LLC

  7. Leased office space offers key benefits.

    “Even through we’re a digitally forward small business (there are 10 of us…) we prefer having our own leased office space. The co-working space we tried seemed incredible at first, but at the end of the day it was too distracting … and a lack of privacy … to retain trade secrets. Having a distributed team that works from home was something we tried as well, however, even with the most responsible staff, the business loses a lot of benefits (i.e. collaboration, culture, etc.) We found that having everyone in the same dedicated place actually presented us with far more benefits.”

    Years in business: 5

    Orun Bhuiyan, Co-founder, Marketing Technologist at SEOcial

  8. A home office can be lonely, but has its perks.

    “While it does get lonely at times I can always take a break play with my 5 animals (2 dogs, 3 cats), talk with a client over the phone or chat with someone on social media. There is no NYC traffic to deal with which has to be the best part!”

    Years in business: 6+

    Tori Toth, President of Stylish Stagers, Inc.

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