Entrepreneurs Reveal The Type Of Office Space Their Companies Call ‘Home’

Here’s a behind the scenes look at twenty-one entrepreneurs as they reveal where their companies prefer to call “

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  1. Both, a home office and dedicated office are often necessary.

    “I work both from home and from our dedicated office. I definitely prefer to work from home. I find it easier to concentrate without the interruptions that generally occur throughout the day in an office environment. However, even though I prefer to work from home, I work from the office more often… Speaking to people remotely is just not the same as being together in the office.”

    Years in business: 2

    David Waring, Co-founder and Editor of FitSmallBusiness.com

  2. Working from home is a smart “green” approach.

    “I prefer working from my home office for a number of reasons. It’s a great green practice as I’m not driving to an office every day. I allows me to eat, meditate, or get on the treadmill when I need a break. Even better, I can be in my pajamas at 10:00 am like I am right now answering this. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I’m quite driven and my company continues to grow. Our people also work from home offices so they can balance their lives on their terms.”

    Years in business: 1

    Apryl DeLancey, President of Social Age Media

  3. Co-working helps with networking and perks.

    “I have been working from the CIC Cambridge co-working community for the past three years and cannot envision a need to leave anytime soon. A dynamic co-working space lends itself to new introductions, networking opportunities, and troubleshooting with other entrepreneurs, while also providing a professional environment to bring clients and partners. And the included resources and perks– coffee, espresso, fresh fruit, printing, conference rooms, a gym membership, and other subsidized services– don’t hurt!”

    Years in business: 3+

    Frank Pobutkiewicz, Founder and Program Director at All-American Model UN Program and Whiteboard Youth Ventures

  4. A home office works when you don’t have ‘business hours’.

    “The home office is by far the preferred workspace for us. For an entrepreneur, there’s no such thing as ‘business hours,’ so the home office accommodates that reality much better than commuting to a traditional office. Our business is technology based, our customers are across the world, so the benefits of having a traditional office are lost on us for our type of business… we have 4 employees working completely remotely — it works great.

    Years in business: 5

    Brian Dear, Co-founder and CEO of iCouch

  5. Leased office space cultivates community.

    “When we finally decided to invest in an office space, we chose an open office near the Chinatown district of Boston. An open office affords our people numerous benefits: easier collaboration, reduced e-mail traffic, and a stronger sense of community. Since the very foundation of our business is based on innovation and collaboration, our open office arrangement is responsible for the impromptu conversations that have produced some of the most creative and impactful product and strategy ideas at the company. [Our] open environment has fostered the teamwork and sense of shared purpose…”

    Years in business: 2

    Rob Biederman, Co-founder of HourlyNerd

  6. Co-working fosters motivation and collaboration.

    “We prefer to work out of a co-working space. We share the floor of an office with 3 other companies, all unique in their respective industries. We chose this work space for several reasons – mainly we like to see how other businesses operate, and it’s a great way to engage like-minded entrepreneurs. Hearing the struggles and successes from other companies on a day to day basis can help keep us motivated, which is exactly what we want from an office space.”

    Years in business: 2+

    Justin Kerby, Co-Founder of Cave Social

  7. A home office offers convenience, while co-working keeps it professional.

    “I run a small production company and many mornings I wake up, pour myself a bowl of cereal and take my first client call in my boxers. There’s nothing more comfortable than working from home, however, there comes a time when you just need to separate your workspace and your home. So, I rent a lounge space in We Work and I am able to get out of my house and work in a professional environment… The space is also great when I need to present a stable location and image to my clients [and] use conference rooms for meetings.”

    Years in business: 3

    Jacob Tanur, CEO, Creative Director of Click Play

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