5 Step Mobile App Marketing Strategy for Appreneurs

Here’s a look at five steps to help you market your mobile app, faster and smarter.

As the smartphone market grows, so do the mobile apps you can use on them. The mobile app market is maturing as it moves from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices. Mobile apps which were once associated with entertainment are now focused on utility from productivity to analytics and more.

Mobile marketing strategies have also experienced a paradigm shift. It is no longer restricted to traditional SMS and banner advertisements. Your hot new mobile app will need efficient and effective marketing support.

Here’s a look at five steps to help you market your mobile app, faster and smarter:


  1. Publish a mobile app press kit.

    A press kit for your app can include a press release, press ready app icon and screenshots of your app, a YouTube video and PDF showcasing app features and benefits. Once your press kit is available, ensure it is published and easily accessible on your app website.

  2. Create a microsite or landing page.

    If you plan to use email marketing or display ads to market your mobile application, building a microsite or landing page is a good choice. This will enable you to redirect online visitors to the website once they click on the ad. You don’t need to create a comprehensive website. However, it should highlight app features and contain an app download link and a link to the app store. Also ensure the website or landing page is mobile-friendly. Employ Google Analytics to track users who are viewing your site on a mobile device.

  3. Social media integration is a must-have.

    It’s the digital age and social media is an essential component of your mobile app marketing strategy. Your mobile app should work natively with key social media platforms and encourage social sharing. Incorporate social media log-in features to help with usability. This also lets you deploy targeted ads and offers. Make it as easy as possible for users to invite their friends to your app using social media. Create a standard invite/referral flow for mobile devices.

  4. Cultivate the right amount of hype.

    Create hype around your mobile app prior to launch. This will increase curiosity among early adopters. However, creating hype is not easy. Come up with an idea that strikes the right chords with users and raise their excitement. The use of a teaser campaign, revealing certain app secrets via a highlight video and social media promotion is a good start.

  5. Offer rewards to app users.

    Mobile app users are delighted with rewards when you offer them in tandem with registration. This can also increase downloads. The reward can be anything from points, discounts to cashback from a popular wallet service. Once a user registers, you can send the reward to their mobile phone number or email. Reward programs can also help retain users for a longer time period.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Ashni Sharma, an application developer, works with AppsChopper, a custom mobile application and game development company from India. Ashni has a flair for writing about the latest technological innovation and how mobile apps are gearing up to become the next big thing. Connect with @appschopper on Twitter.


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