Entrepreneurs Reveal 13 Online Tools They Can’t Live Without

Here's an inside look at 13 business tools that could potentially change your entrepreneur world.

It’s no secret. Access to high quality, budget-friendly online business tools that simplify standard business operations and make life easier are in high demand. So, we asked entrepreneurs which business tools they can’t live without.

Here’s a look at 13 business tools that could potentially change your entrepreneur world:


  1. Boomerang – Gmail Management

    “This extension for Gmail allows me to … ping myself if someone doesn’t respond to an email. Also it allows me to schedule my follow up email response … when I want the email to go out later to avoid getting caught in ‘instant messenger-like’ conversations, so I can get back to what I need to get done!” – Kevin Schouweiler, Business Development Specialist at NetBa

  2. Harvest – Online Invoicing

    “For estimates and invoicing we use Harvest, which allows us to both track employees billable time, as well as invoice the client, all from one interface.” – Brandyn Morelli, Founder at Brandyn.Co

  3. PipeDrive – Sales CRM

    “Most CRM tools are too complex and at the same time offer only limited lead pipeline functionality. PipeDrive is just right to list, track, quantify and update leads and move them through the sales pipeline. Great for us because different coaches are tracking different client leads.” – Yosh Beier, ­ Executive Coach and Co-founder of Lead Intelligently

  4. Evernote – Productivity

    “I take a lot of notes and link to resources on the web. Sending myself reminder emails got so out of hand, at some stage, I couldn’t remember what I had sent to myself two days earlier. Enter EverNote with its notebooks, stacked notebooks and tag words. A perfect library of mental bookmarksŠ.” – Yosh Beier, ­ Executive Coach and Co-founder of Lead Intelligently

  5. Slack – Collaboration

    “Slack gives us the ability to chat with each other one on one or the entire team without using e-mail. We can share links and documents very quickly and easily as well as create specific channels where we can provide feedback on copy, design or, our favorite, a fun channel where we post random pictures and videos to have a good laugh.” – Claude Burns, Founder and CEO of Noble Brewer

  6. Trello – Project Management

    “Trello is how we plan for the week ahead. It gives us visibility to see what everyone is working on and easily define overall priorities for the company. Great project management tool.” – Claude Burns, Founder and CEO of Noble Brewer

  7. FingerCheck – Time Clock

    “Fingercheck allows my employees to clock in from anywhere, whether around the corner or around the globe. I can even monitor their time sheets and GEO locations using my iPhone wherever I am. This greatly boosts my employees’ efficiency, accountability and, most importantly, our bottom line.” – Shmuli Rosenberg, CEO at fwd/NYC Marketing

  8. Helpscout – Help Desk

    “It’s amazing for customer support. My favorite feature is that I can add a note for my team and then they can respond to the customer so no forwarding emails back and forth (we all have enough of those).” –  Sara Wagers, Online Business Strategist at Virtual Biz Partner

  9. Hootsuite – Social Media Management

    “There are so many ‘social media monitoring tools’ these days that it can get overwhelming when you choose what to go with. I have been using Hootsuite for my personl use as well as business use and it is amazing, free and so easy to manage. My team and I use Hootsuite on a daily basis and it saves the day!” – Nellie Akalp, CEO and Founder of CorpNet

  10. Zenefits – Online HR

    “Zenefits has made it incredibly easy for us to manage and activate new employees with their benefits packages. Zenefits’ onboarding process is fantastic and allows for our employees to clearly choose the healthcare plan that best suits them. They have removed the dense and often hard to understand language associated with plans, which reduces friction in our new hire orientation immensely.” – Anirban Bardalaye, Co-founder and CEO of VaycayHero

  11. Mixpanel – Mobile and Web Analytics

    “We believe in constantly testing and experimenting. In order to know what’s working and also understand the lifetime value of our customers we need to dig into data. Mixpanel provides a real-time perspective on how our customers are orbiting our product and how we can optimize against the full conversion funnel.” – Anirban Bardalaye, Co-founder and CEO of VaycayHero

  12. ZenPayroll  – Online Payroll

    “ZenPayroll has provided a trusted and automated process for managing our payroll. With those critical elements of our organization being handled by such valued partners, we can focus on our customers, core product value and growth strategies.” – Anirban Bardalaye, Co-founder and CEO of VaycayHero

  13. Caviar – Meal Delivery

    “Our team works incredibly hard, so it’s important for us to take a moment to enjoy lunch together – we use Caviar to have food delivered – or celebrate with a local beer at the end of the day. Taking time to laugh together and reflect on the day is an important part of staying focused, and it’s also incredibly important to building our culture.” – Anirban Bardalaye, Co-founder and CEO of VaycayHero

Which online tools help you work smarter? Share your top picks in the comments.


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