5 Ways To Become More Clear And Focused In Your Business

Here are five ways you can become more clear and focused in your business.

Photo: Danielle McDonald, The Clarity Architect; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Danielle McDonald, The Clarity Architect; Source: Courtesy Photo

How often do you lack clarity and lose focus in business? It happens and can be really frustrating. Thankfully, there are ways you can overcome it and get back on track.

With this in mind, here are five ways you can become more clear and focused in your business.


  1. Take time out during your day to just be.

    Working hour after hour can be draining. Regular breaks can be a powerful energy booster by allowing you to clear your mind and re-focus.

    You don’t have to follow a rigid approach since the way we all work is different. If you’re in the flow and killing it, stopping could ruin the momentum. Know yourself by paying attention to when you feel a drop in energy levels or when frustration sets in. Use that as a sign to take a break.

  2. Do things that give you a high return on investment.

    This might sound obvious, but it can be easy for time to be sucked away by focusing on tasks or activities that could be outsourced. These are the things that are relevant, however your time could be best spent elsewhere. Deciding on what will give you the biggest return on investment is down to you, but as an example, think leads and sales generation.

  3. Stop putting the needs of others before your own.

    What I’m referring to here is when you maybe jump to respond to emails immediately, take unscheduled calls or checkout social media notifications. Now I understand there are some things that require our immediate attention, but if you are jumping to the needs of others before completing what you need to, things will start to fall apart. To do something well, it requires 100% of our focus and attention. If you find yourself obsessing with checking emails, try narrowing it down to no more than twice or three times a day.

  4. Have your goals ingrained in your mind.

    Making a habit to read your goals at the start and end of your day brings about both clarity and focus. The day begins with your why at the forefront and ends knowing that you have to go into the next day with the same level of focus. I use the Countdown+ app that you can get for iOS  and Android. As a bonus write a highlight at the end of each day; as every step brings us closer to our desired goals.

  5. Create a structure that has boundaries.

    Be sure you give yourself quality time to spend with the people that matter most, or on the things you most enjoy. If you are not at your best emotionally, spiritually or physically it will eventually spill over and impact your daily performance. Keep in mind that you created your business to live a certain lifestyle. Whilst it may be hard to have a balance, be sure you have your priorities in the right order.

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Danielle McDonald is The Clarity Architect. She helps entrepreneurs gain clarity to step into their power by providing them with mindset and business strategies to achieve their true potential. Checkout her website and connect with Danielle @MsDMcDonald on Twitter.


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