3 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Unwind, Decompress And Gain Clarity

If you're ready to take a break from the daily grind, unwind and gain clarity here's a look at three smart and budget-friendly ways to maximize your bliss.

Photo: Erica Nicole, Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine; Source: Jhnea Turner, Photographer
Photo: Erica Nicole, Founder and CEO of YFS Magazine; Source: Jhnea Turner, Photographer

Wouldn’t you love to have more time, be less stressed before you leave the house in the morning? For some, the thought of entering the office more relaxed and thinking more clearly is exactly what you need.

If you’re ready to take a break from the daily grind, unwind and gain clarity, here’s a look at three smart and budget-friendly ways to maximize your bliss:


  1. Take a staycation.

    If you are looking for a local alternative to satisfy your wanderlust whims, a staycation may be just what you need. Taking a stay-at-home-vacation, or “staycation” can give you time to unwind, explore and take time off from home. Book a local hotel and discover local adventures, activities and events.

    Online communities like Outbound Collective make it easier than ever for you to “spread the excitement of outdoor adventure, whether just down the street or across the globe.” While Embark.org offers a comprehensive look at unique local tours. The world’s a big beautiful place and it may be time for you to explore the world right outside of your back door.

  2. Go off the grid.

    Sometimes you just need to unwind, and a walk around the block won’t cut it. If you’ve had this feeling as of late, it may be time to go off the grid. “When you think of living off the grid, you might imagine installing solar panels and/or a windmill,” but off the grid doesn’t have to be extreme. You don’t have to disappear completely. In fact, it has taken on a new (and more relevant) meaning.

    Research suggests, “Information overload has become an ubiquitous problem in modern society.” The Internet, mobile technology and social media are the usual suspects. Living off the grid for hours, or even days, can do wonders for your mind and business.

    Whether your off the grid experience means silencing social media apps for a week, turning off the TV for the next 7 days, checking email less frequently, or even taking a digital hiatus (with systems and a team in place to manage the details)—a brisk walk away from technology can leave you with a new peace of mind and fresh approach to life and business.

  3. Start journaling.

    Day One: The intrinsic benefits of journaling are tremendous. According to Psych Central, “There is increasing evidence to support the notion that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being.” Not only can you better clarify your thoughts and feelings and know yourself better writing in a journal can reduce and channel stress.

    The “APA’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (JEP: General) (Vol. 130, No. 3), indicates that expressive writing reduces intrusive and avoidant thoughts about negative events and improves working memory. These improvements, researchers believe, may in turn free up our cognitive resources for other mental activities, including our ability to cope more effectively with stress” (APA).

    Your brain strives for order. Organizing your thoughts lets you “quickly dump everything you’re keeping in your head.” And for your brain to perform at peak levels it is necessary. As Royale Scuderi, a creative strategist specializing in cultivating human potential, explains: “I mean everything… Not just tasks, but thoughts, concerns, questions, and ideas too. Get it all out. Don’t worry about sorting them; you can do that later, just get them out of your head so that they can stop spinning around, using up precious brainpower and space.”

  4. Bonus: Listen to inspiring podcasts.

    John Maxwell’s “A Minute With Maxwell” video podcast is always a good listen. The Ziglar Show offers motivation and inspiration to fuel your life. Dave Ramsey, creator of The EntreLeadership Podcast, features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business. Meanwhile, don’t miss our exclusive 4-week series featured via the Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed podcast.

How do you maximize your personal bliss? Let me know in the comments.


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