10 Ways To Stay Motivated While Running A Startup

If you can master these 10 techniques, you’ll feel more in control of business growth.

Photo: Dana Sellers, founder of Gray Capital Solutions; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Dana Sellers, founder of Gray Capital Solutions; Source: Courtesy Photo

Being a successful entrepreneur is, for many, the ultimate dream. You have the ability to create your own lifestyle and unlimited income opportunities. But let’s face it, building a successful business can be tough.

You have to create and run operations, know your company’s finances inside and out, handle marketing, write sales proposals and gain new customers – all while keeping yourself motivated.

Consistent motivation is necessary while you are building your business because if you lack motivation, your business will take a hit.

So, here are 10 ways to stay motivated while you’re building your startup from the ground up:


  1. Know Your “Why?”

    What do you want to accomplish with your life, and how will your new business venture help you get there? How will your startup help you make a difference for other people? Knowing your “why” will get you through the tough times and give you a more positive attitude on a daily basis.

  2. Set Goals and Milestones

    Write down what you want to achieve in your life and your career. Write down those goals and create a plan of how you’re going to get there. They will remind you of why you are doing what you are doing, especially when things get tough. Then, break your plan down into smaller sections and set realistic targets to work toward.

  3. Track Your Progress

    There’s no value in blindly working away without knowing whether you’re moving forward. When you track your progress, your success is visible, and you can see how much closer you are to your goals.

  4. Celebrate Achievements

    When you have hit a milestone, celebrate! This will keep you energized, give you confidence and keep you motivated to keep working towards the next phase in your business.

  5. Network

    As you build your business, it is important to socialize with not only prospective clients, but mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs. They know what you are going through. They will see situations from a different perspective, and you will be able to bounce ideas off someone. Additionally, like-minded entrepreneurs are just as ambitious as you so they can provide a form of accountability to help you reach your goals.

  6. Stay Positive

    This is one of the most important things you can do while building your business. Failure is inevitable, but how you deal with failure determines whether you will be successful. Getting stuck in a rut will hinder you from getting where you want to go.

  7. Empower Yourself

    Take online courses, read books, attend business conferences and go to learning sessions. Gaining knowledge stimulates the mind, improves memory, reduces stress, expands your vocabulary, and most importantly–teaches you new things. If you regularly expand your knowledge of things relevant to your life and business, you’ll be a better business owner while your motivation level increases dramatically.

  8. Take Care of Yourself

    Yes. Owning your own business means you’re invested 24/7, but invested and overworked are two different things. Don’t forget to exercise, eat right. Your body needs to be at its best to reach its full potential. Also, don’t forget to hang out with family and friends, take walks, read or watch TV and even take a vacation! This break will give your brain time to rest and recalibrate so you can come back ready to run a successful business.

  9. Give Back

    Share your expertise to help other people. Giving back is a great way to feel good and be remembered, recognized and respected. Not only will you build a reputation that will grow with you but you will motivate others to do their best which will, in turn, rub off on you.

  10. Be Patient

    Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will your empire. As essential as it is to set goals and work towards them, it’s equally as critical to give your strategies time to work.

As your business is grows, staying motivated is key to long-term success. If you can master these 10 techniques, you’ll feel more in control of business growth. Stay empowered!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Dana Sellers is a business development consultant and the founder of Gray Capital Solutions, a full-service consulting firm that focuses on the growth and development of startups and small businesses.


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