7 Tips To Deal With Difficult Customers

Here are 7 suggestions on how you can successfully handle those customers that are very hard to please.

It is important that you’re in the business of managing customer expectations and satisfaction. Yet, sooner or later, you will have to deal with some clients or customers that will be extremely difficult to manage.

Here are 7 suggestions on how you can successfully handle those customers that are very hard to please.


  1. Prepare ahead of time.

    Regardless how good you are or how many awards you have won, it is impossible to please every customer, all of the time. It is important that you develop a good reputation in your industry to buffer the possible problems of dealing with difficult customers.

  2. Get everything in writing.

    It is important that you get everything in writing when dealing with customers. Misunderstandings will happen and expectations will not always be met. In dealing with anybody, put everything down in writing to save money and heartache down the road.

  3. Always be sincere.

    People can tell when someone is truly honest and caring. It is vital that you are sincere, caring and honest with all of your customers. Be honest and sincere all of the time, not just when people are watching. If problems do arise, people will always side with the honest and sincere person.

  4. Listen carefully.

    Listen to your customers and view customer service issues through their eyes. You might be surprised what you learn. Don’t assume that you know what your customers want. Always listen to the facts of a given situation.

  5. Train for conflict resolution.

    Ensure your employees are trained on how to work with challenging clients. In addition, you could hire someone who is an expert in crisis management should you be in the grips of a PR battle. It is important that everyone knows how to consistently deal with difficult customers and manage issues that arise.

  6. Stay active in the community.

    A business that is active in their community enhances their reputation with the public. Get involved youth programs, volunteer with a local community service organization or hold a charitable event. People will see that your company cares about the local community. That is a great way to improve your public image and reduce potential conflicts down the road.

  7. Prepare for the unexpected.

    Sometimes, things happen that take everyone by surprise. Be flexible. When unexpected things happen, deal with them immediately. The more you are prepared, the better able you will know how to deal with unexpected business situations.

This article has been edited and condensed.

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