10 Power Questions To Get Your Business Un-Stuck

Ask these questions of yourself, out loud, every morning for a minimum of one week, and you’re sure to see a shift in the way you think and...

Ashley Stamatinos, The Empath Expert; Source: Courtesy Photo
Ashley Stamatinos, The Empath Expert; Source: Courtesy Photo

There is a drastic difference between someone who is willing to constantly ask questions about their business, and a person who is not.

Asking key questions, as often as possible, creates more business opportunities, greater clarity, increased income and allows your business to function with greater ease.

You may think you already know the power of asking a question, but let’s go deeper into what’s possible with questions, and uncover how they can change any situation that’s not currently working favorably.


Are Conclusions Killing Your Business?

The person who is full of conclusions and not asking questions, looks like a person who is walking around with blinders on and can’t see all of the choices around them.

People who are asking questions, may figuratively look as if they are walking around with a satellite dish on their head, always receiving information and opportunities that others may have overlooked.

 When you ask questions, you are gaining awareness about the options and choices you have; often ones you previously couldn’t see.

When you ask questions of your business regularly, you’ll see more doors open for you and you’ll start to feel confident that you can always create a door of opportunity, even when it seems the walls are closing in.

For example, there was a massive shift within my business when I started asking questions, frequently. Not only did I start making more money, I actually started to have a greater sense of joy within my business.

 Asking questions made me feel like I had uncovered a secret no one else knew. It felt like I had access to information that only those who were willing to try something different could access.

Consider this: If you think to yourself, “The way my Facebook ad campaigns are working right now is perfect and I don’t need to adjust them any further,” then that conclusion could be cutting off your awareness about what’s possible beyond your current results.

For instance, if you check in every day with those ads, and ask yourself, “Do any of my ads require my attention today?” That’s the kind of question that allows you to never cut off your awareness and no longer miss an opportunity to make subtle shifts that will get you much bigger results.


Are Conclusions Your Business Reality?

I had created a conclusion a few years ago, that I could only charge a certain amount of money per hour. For the longest time that conclusion became my reality, until I revisited it.

I asked myself, “What amount of money can I charge that would bring me more joy within my business?” I increased my prices and held my breath. Some of my clients fell away, but I soon received many new clients who were happy to pay me a higher price, and it indeed brought me more joy within my business.


Growing Beyond Possible

I’m constantly asking questions throughout my day. I’m always willing to change anything with my business.

You have to be willing to loose it all at any moment to continue to stay on the cutting edge and grow your business beyond what you dreamed was possible.

So, here are ten power questions that will change your business. I challenge you to print this out and tape them to key areas you frequent within your home.

Ask these questions of yourself, out loud, every morning for a minimum of one week, and you’re sure to see a shift in the way you think and operate your business.


  1. What could I offer differently that will take me from leader to innovator?

  2. Who can I speak to, who will give me information I need to change this situation?

  3. Will this choice expand or contract opportunities within my business?

  4. What direction is my business headed with this choice?

  5. If I didn’t include anyone else’s opinions in my business choices, how would I choose differently?

  6. What actions can I take today that will generate more income within my business?

  7. What am I capable of creating within my business that’s beyond any goal I’ve ever set for myself?

  8. What (or who) can I add to my business to allow it to be the most successful business on the planet?

  9. If I were not scared of failing, what could I create?

  10. What is one change I could make within my business today that would create the greatest positive change?


By getting in the habit of regularly asking questions, every time you would usually yield to a familiar conclusion, you’ll begin to step into greater opportunities right away. 

Get started right now and ask these questions. You may find that things within your business will start flowing better than you ever imagined.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Ashley Stamatinos is an entrepreneur, a #1 bestselling co-author of multiple books and also widely known as the Empath Expert. She has been interviewed multiple times on TV for her work, and can be seen on PBS and the Lifestyle Channel. As a coach, speaker and teacher it’s her mission to give highly sensitive women, who are overwhelmed and stressed, the tools to find inner calm within their busy lives. Connect with Ashley on Facebook and Twitter


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