How To Create A Results-Oriented Vision For Your Business

In business, you need to see results. Unfortunately, many founders find themselves in a rut because their company vision isn't results-oriented.

In business, you need to see results. Unfortunately, many founders find themselves in a rut because their company vision isn’t results-oriented. This makes it significantly harder to take practical steps that will lead them back to where they need to be. Thankfully, you can shift gears and make your company vision more results-oriented.


Where are you now?

Cheryl Miller, President of Best Retirement Destinations suggests, “If you don’t know where you are, there’s no way you can know where you’re going.” It may sound simplistic, but it’s very true. You need a starting point that will better inform the route to your destination. Too many businesses are not clear about their industry, competition, and customers.

When a company doesn’t have a good sense of their current state, it’s extremely difficult to plot a course to a new desired state that will bring about results. Ultimately, it’s important to be honest with yourself and see things as they really are before you can change them.


What do results mean to you?

Being results-oriented sounds good, but what does it really mean? To most entrepreneurs, results are tallied by making money. It’s true that a profit motive is essential in for-profit businesses, but there can easily be more to it.

Define the results you want to see, specifically. Then you can really focus on making each one a reality. Just saying, “I want to see more sales,” or “I want to reach more customers,” is not enough. It’s not specific. It may not even be what you find most important. So, clearly define your results and you’ll find they will become more achievable.


What are you working on daily?

Anyone can set a goal. The true test is to figure out how to best achieve that goal. Being results-oriented requires you to be goal oriented, as well. If you don’t set goals and work toward them, you aren’t going to see results.


Is restructuring necessary?

Allen Stanley, President of Best Attorney Rankings recalls, “We had to completely restructure the way we were doing things. The goals we had weren’t in line with what we were really doing, and because of that we weren’t getting good results. Making a big change helped us a lot.”

Whether you need to restructure nearly everything you’re doing or just make some minor course corrections in systems and processes is something to consider. With the right metrics in place, and a commitment to tracking how well you are working to meet your vision, you can consider what areas need an overhaul.


If you are just starting out, it’s easy to make changes early on. More established businesses are often set in their ways and it may take longer to reap the benefits of a results-oriented vision. Barbara Higley of Franchise Rankings, put’s it best, “No matter how long you’ve been in business, though, you can make the changes needed to shift your company’s vision toward something that will help you see better results.”


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