5 Clever Tips To Build An Irresistible Brand

One thing many entrepreneurs want is to build an influential and irresistible brand. That is where intentional branding comes into play.

Photo: Keizra Tyson-Griffin, Branding Coach; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Keizra Tyson-Griffin, Branding Coach; Source: Courtesy Photo

One thing many entrepreneurs want is to build an influential and irresistible brand. That is where intentional branding comes into play. When done correctly, its a powerful way to not only elevate your business, but to create something meaningful.

Here are five ways you can build an intentional and irresistible brand.


  1. Know yourself and your ideal client.

    Intentional branding starts with defining and owning your individuality so that you can create a brand that is 100% you and not a watered down version of a brand you admire. Believe it or not, a lot of powerful brands today are successful and have mastered their brands because they’ve found that thing that makes them irresistible. Your ideal customers will tell you what they want if you listen to and observe what they say, how they behave, ask them what they feel and what they think. Then, create truly valuable offerings that give them exactly what they want and what they need.

  2. Position your business to be the obvious choice.

    Position your brand for success by determining specifically what you want to be known for, the type of customer experience you create and how you will price your offerings. Peel back the layers even further to not only discover your unique differentiating qualities, but to also determine how you’ll showcase them to make your brand the only clear and relevant option in the minds of consumers.

  3. Use social media to your advantage.

    Yes, you can sell on social media. But remember, social media is a tool that helps you establish a relationship with ideal clients. It’s about helping them to know, like, and trust you. Brand yourself visually, but also think about the overall vibe and experience they will receive from every interaction with your brand.

  4. Connect emotionally with ideal clients.

    Humanize your brand. When you’re building your personal or company brand, think about your why and get your ideal customers connected to that why. By doing this, you can create brand advocates and cultivate brand loyalty. People connect more with brands they have strong emotional ties to and will support your why, especially if it is their why as well.

  5. Focus on mastery, not just success.

    Building a brand is a process. In order to have an influential and irresistible brand, you must strive for brand mastery. Success is simply not enough. Success if about figuring out the steps you need to take to reach a certain goal. Mastery reaches beyond that. It’s about building on what you have created, focusing on excellence and consistent improvement; and it is about being dedicated to your process.


Creating an influential and irresistible brand can seem overwhelming. Understand that while visual branding is important, that is not the entirety of your brand. Branding is soul, character, an experience, a promise and value. By being dedicated to the process, you will become a brand master, build an influential and irresistible brand, and have a greater impact.


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Keizra Tyson-Griffin is a branding coach for new coaches and consultants. If you’re ready to transform your brand and elevate your business, visit Keizratgriffin.com for coaching opportunities and tips for building your irresistible brand. Connect with @keizratgriffin on Twitter.


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