5 Creative Resources To Spark Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by so anytime we can find moments to help refuel our creativity to spark the next great idea we must capture that...

Photo: Tony Logan, VP of Liftbridge Publishing; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Tony Logan, VP of Liftbridge Publishing; Source: Courtesy Photo

Waking up and surrounding yourself with great inspiration is just as important as grabbing that cup of coffee to kick off your day.

Every morning I try to indulge myself in creative outlets to get my day started on the right note before becoming bombarded with work. Whether I’m held up in traffic, stuck in a design rut, or having writer’s block, I’ve learned that keeping ideas flowing is essential to living a creative life.

So, here’s an inside look at a few great creative outlets that will help you get the creative juices flowing.


Behind The Hustle

I discovered the website, Behind The Hustle, one day when I was browsing my Facebook news feed and a close friend posted an article from the site that caught my attention. I read a productivity themed article entitled “18 Things Highly Creatives Do Differently” and after the first click I’ve been a fan ever since. The site is a great source for creative entrepreneurs. The site gives tips on how to manage your time properly, how to brand your company and they host a video series with creatives on how they got into their respective fields.



If you’re big into podcasts then you will love SHOPTALKradio with Nick Oaken, a photographer and creative entrepreneur. I honestly just started listening to podcasts about a year ago thanks to a recommendation; I subscribed and listen to it daily. What I enjoy about Shop Talk is how Nick highlights creatives and really dives deep and dissects each moment of their creative life leading up to their success.


Photo: Nick Onken; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Nick Onken; Source: Courtesy Photo

The podcast guests are very open and honest about their success and failures giving listeners a better understanding of what they do while inspiring you at the same time. I also enjoy the diversity of his guests. Featuring guests like Preston Smiles, Jeff Staple and Sophia Chang it is definitely a podcast you should listen to during your morning commute. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop.


TED Talks

When you need to get over a creative slump TED Talks offer the motivation you need for that imaginative break through. The great thing about TED Talks is that every episode is like a college (and even master level) education at your fingertips.

You can literally sit for hours and learn everything you need to know about specific topics, from experts around the world, for free! For those who need a visual booster in the morning, online TED Talks are a great way to learn from experts in various creative fields.



Sometimes you need something tangible to get in the creative mood, and 99U a publication from Bechance that caters to the creative community, does just that. The quarterly magazine details in-depth interviews with visionary creatives and entrepreneurs. It can help supercharge your creative process and comes with a workbook to help improve your daily workflow.


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The 99u website also features helpful content to boost work output along with a creative career section that features job listings where you can search for jobs in the creative market. So, whether you’re looking for helpful tips on how to be more productive, or taking a survey on what creative type you are, or looking for a career in the creative field . . . 99u has that and more.



You have likely heard the benefits of hearing or reading something creative, but what about great visuals? Studies show mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain; meaning that 75 percent of learning is through sight. Viewing breathtaking visuals can really spark creativity and VSCO app is the perfect choice.


Photo Source: VSCO (http://vsco.it/1O8e2pg)
Photo Source: VSCO (http://vsco.it/1O8e2pg)

VSCO app allows users to “post original images and long-form content, and curate inspiring images from the community.” You can explore and “celebrate the creative life and find inspiration. Search by images, articles, and people (VSCO).” It offers a creative photo-sharing community without the oversaturated memes and selfie posts that plague Instagram.

The journal feature allows you to create a story behind your images. This is a great feature for bloggers, photographers and artists because it allows you to provide perspective on a creative moment while on-the-go. I enjoy following Samm Blake, Joshua Kissi, and Lawrence Agyei.


I hope these creatives outlets can contribute to kickstarting your mornings. Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by so anytime we can find moments to help refuel our creativity to spark the next great idea we must capture that moment.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Tony Logan is the VP of Liftbridge Publishing, a publishing company that help people tell their story while offering workshops and networking events. Connect with @tonylogan on Twitter.


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