WordPress Is A No-Brainer For Small Business—Here’s Why

If you have ever wondered about the market domination of WordPress, then you’ll get the best possible answer here.

If you have ever wondered about the market domination of WordPress, then you’ll get the best possible answer here. Considering 24% of websites are powered by it and 60.4% of all sites developed with site builders are WordPress powered it’s no wonder how this blogging and CMS platformed has garnered worldwide fame as the best solution to develop the feature-rich sites.

A broad range of top business sites reaffirm the prominence of the WordPress content management system (CMS) in various ways. Here’s a look at two prominent reasons why it’s the platform of choice for many organizations.


100% Mobile-friendly

Once you plan to use WordPress for business website development, then there is no need to reinvent the wheel to make it compatible with mobile devices. The regular updates of their platform include advanced standards geared toward supporting fully responsive sites.

If you fail in this task, then it’s better to rely on plugins like WPtouch, a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically adds a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress website. Great examples of WordPress responsive sites include: Metro UKQuartzHarvard Gazette and Time (to name a few).



WordPress is uniquely valuable and designed to achieve a range of business goals. The constant releases and improvements provided by the efforts of team contributors aim to make the CMS platform better. Every new update provides the latest features and showcases their clear dynamism.

Websites like BBC America, IGN and openNASA all run on WordPress and are great examples of its scalability and flexibility.

When asked, “The ability to create custom content through the WordPress interface (and not have to create custom HTML code) streamlined 80% of the work which in the past had occupied a huge amount of time for a team of four editors,” says David Anderson, of BBC Worldwide.


Source: BBC America
Source: BBC America

“The result is that editors now have more time to focus on content creation instead of figuring out how to edit (or troubleshoot) code. This also helped standardize the user experience…”


WordPress: Perfect Wake Up Call For Startups!

Here’s a glance at a few more vital reasons why WordPress is valuable for small businesses, like yours.


Simple Content Publishing

One of the comprehensive things included in WP is simple content management and publishing. This feature has become integral since the day effective content marketing became status quo.

Publishing consistent content is super easy with WordPress, as it provides an interactive interface similar to Word processors. This stunning quality makes it easy for non-tech savvy teams to publish site content without knowledge of CSS, HTML, and other programming languages.


User-Friendly Interface

“A good user interface should make the most common tasks the most prominent and then hide rare tasks so that they don’t get in the way (Smashing Magazine).”

The WordPress interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. In other words, it’s very simple. Aligned with UI best practices, according to Usability.gov, “the best interfaces are almost invisible to the user. They avoid unnecessary elements and are clear in the language they use on labels and in messaging.”

For example, from the Dashboard’s Home page, you can quickly access site content and glimpse into other areas of WordPress features. Whether it is the task of publishing content or making site improvements, the WordPress UI strengthens the composition and visual appeal of your website.


Broad Scale Use

WordPress as a powerful CMS platform that is used in over 23% of 10 million branded sites across the world, which means that nearly 1/4 of 10 million sites are powered by this single platform.

In its vast scale, along with the presence of free themes (est. 30,000 and counting) it’s easy to get started with a domain name and fresh install. No matter your industry, you can use WordPress for varied purposes like e-commerce, blogging, content-based sites, etc.


Vast Community Support

The huge support of community members for a specific technology is important, especially when you plan to use it for your website or software development.

Without it, users would find it difficult to get support when they are stuck during development. You will never experience a lack of tech support with WordPress because it offers a large community of designers, users, and developers that actively handle WordPress inquiries.


Theme Availability

WordPress theme provides all of the front-end styling of your WordPress site. The number of free themes and theme marketplaces give users the ability to easily change the look and feel of their site with a few clicks. Well coded themes also provide additional advantages to improve the performance of WordPress enabled sites.


Built-in Subscription and RSS Support

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing … Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.” Along with its many features, WordPress offers built-in RSS support.

One important but complex goal of any site is to increase visits and page views (i.e., build an audience and get them to regularly visit). To meet this need, WordPress offers an ideal subscription option which automatically notifies subscribers about the latest updates whenever you add new content to your website. RSS does the same and it’s, by default, included in WordPress.


When it comes to website development, you can easily see why WordPress is a preferred platform for startups and small businesses. Wordpress creates value and offers ultimate flexibility, which is beneficial to meeting your business goals.


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