5 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Press Interview

After you have considered these things, you’ll have a clearer idea about which press interviews are in the best interest of your business.

Ashley Stamatinos, The Empath Expert; Source: Courtesy Photo
Ashley Stamatinos, The Empath Expert; Source: Courtesy Photo

As you grow your business, you might find yourself gathering more media attention and receiving invitations for press interviews. After all you want to share your business with everyone that could benefit from what you offer, right?

Not so fast! Not all press interview opportunities will actually be helpful for your business.

Before the excitement of a new media opportunity takes over, be sure to ask yourself some key questions to properly evaluate if the offer is in the best interest of your business and your brand.


1. Does the platform reach my ideal clients?

Make sure you’re very clear on who your target audience is for your business, and then find out if that description matches up with the audience that will tune into listen or read the interview.

Match up as many key demographics as possible. For instance, if your ideal clients are primarily working mothers around 50 years old, then don’t accept an interview spot that targets millennial females who are in college.


2. Will their audience benefit from my message?

When you are being interviewed, you want to make sure the topic you’re being interviewed about will align with your brand message and business goals; and directly or indirectly sell your product or services. If you are told ahead of time that you are not permitted to mention your website or how the audience can stay in touch with you, then that might be a deal breaker.


Photo: © YakobchukOlena, YFS Magazine
Photo: © YakobchukOlena, YFS Magazine

3. Will the press interview present networking opportunities?

Doing an interview might be great way to simply get your message out into the world on a bigger platform. The industry talks, and this is especially true of the media. Journalists, reporters, freelance writers, podcasters … they are all looking for a good story. Getting your story out there is a great way to boost your network.

Think about the people you might meet as a result of doing the interview. 

Will the people you meet (or those who become aware of your business) be connectors that could lead to other opportunities?


4. Do I need to talk myself into a yes?

If you are not feeling an immediate yes, then the answer might be a no. Your gut instinct says a lot, and if you’re feeling like you need to push yourself to do this interview, then listen to that resistance.

Anytime you feel like you’re going against the stream within your business, let this be a red flag. When you feel that resistance, back up and look at the bigger picture.


5. Will it lead to more press interviews?

Sometimes we take on an interview that doesn’t fit perfectly within our communications plan because we know that it will boost our authority in market and interviewing experience. 

Yet, there is something to be said for having a clear view of where you’d like your brand to be featured.

If you know that it isn’t a perfect fit in the present moment, but could lead to greater possibilities and exposure in the future, then it’s a smart calculated choice.


After you have considered these things, you’ll have a clearer idea about which press interviews are in the best interest of your business.

At the end of the day, we are all busy and want to use our time as effectively as possible. 

When you only take on media opportunities that are in alignment with your brand and vision then you’re moving in the right direction. If you choose to take the press interview invitation, be sure to smile and enjoy every moment of the experience. After all, it could be a great doorway that leads to many more possibilities.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Ashley Stamatinos is an entrepreneur, a #1 bestselling co-author of multiple books and also widely known as the Empath Expert. She has been interviewed multiple times on TV for her work, and can be seen on PBS and the Lifestyle Channel. As a coach, speaker and teacher it’s her mission to give highly sensitive women, who are overwhelmed and stressed, the tools to find inner calm within their busy lives. Connect with Ashley on Facebook and Twitter.


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