Hire A Cloud Computing Expert With These 7 Skills

Cloud computing has evolved far behind its original form, and that means the experts and the skills they have must evolve as well. For 2016, these are a...

The cloud is only on the rise. In the past, cloud computing experts tasked with developing and managing technology were efficient enough with a rudimentary set of skills, but as the cloud has made new advancements and evolved into a new form, the expertise needed to operate within it must evolve as well.

What are some of the vital skills you or members of your team need to master in order to harness the benefits of cloud computing? Here are seven of the most important ones.


1. Business skills

While this may seem like one of the least important, it’s paramount. A tool is only as great as its intended use, and if it’s not offering a return on investment, then things must change. Leaders and managers aren’t the only ones who should understand the business world; cloud professionals must as well. By monitoring the cloud’s activity in relation to the direction of the business, techs can tailor their efforts to make sure it not only operates efficiently, but operates for the greatest benefit of the business.


2. Database querying

The cloud is becoming the number one storage option for all the vast data we create on the internet every day. That means the person tasked with managing it must not only take on the cloud but also the database itself to reap the best rewards. A tech who understands one or even many database querying languages will be vital for the coming year where big data only gets bigger.


3. Security development and improvement

The cloud’s easy accessibility is only an advantage when the right people are accessing the data and not cyber criminals. More and more businesses are hitting the headlines for major data breaches, and this makes the skill of tightening, enhancing, and even building new security features, a vital asset to cloud computing professionals. A handful of cloud services have already gone under due to breaches in their security, and both the businesses using it and the businesses creating it need skilled individuals to prevent these breaches.


4. Migration skills

There are still some businesses that are uncertain about or are in the process of making the move to the cloud. With so much data to shift, and an incredible amount of confusion regarding the right cloud option to choose, professionals with the know-how to guide the journey from on-premise data storage to the cloud are in high demand. This requires knowledge, not only the expected cloud computing arenas, but also specialized insights on how to make the move as efficient and smooth as possible.


5. Programming skills

The cloud is a playground for developers, allowing them to create and launch their projects faster and with more efficiency than before. Having these skills combined into one makes cloud computing experts with fluency in programming in high demand, allowing them to tailor the cloud itself to suit the business’s needs and apply quick fixes to emergency problems. The cloud offers flexibility, and the experts who operate within it must be flexible as well.


6. Mobile app development

Businesses want to access information and work from any location at any time, and this has given birth to a cry for mobile apps – ones that can be delivered to customers or only be used internally by companies. In 2016, the cloud computing expert who has the skills to develop and then manage these apps along with flash storage arrays will have a huge advantage, not only in securing employment but against rival companies.


7. Contract and negotiation skills

There is a lot more to the cloud than simply computing; businesses today need to discover and interact with the best cloud service for them as well as ensure it continues to work effectively. Because of this, the experts who work within the cloud need precise contract and negotiation skills, allowing them to interact with other professionals of their field and ensure their business is receiving the best service it can. They also ensure that any mistakes that are made can be followed back to a source.

Cloud computing has evolved far behind its original form, and that means the experts and the skills they have must evolve as well. For 2016, these are a few of the most vital.


This article has been edited and condensed.

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