7 Time-Saving Apps And Services For Entrepreneurs

Thankfully there are some super-efficient time-saving apps that can boost your productivity and help you invest your time in a more meaningful way.

Running a successful business often means time is your most valued commodity. It seems there is never enough of it!

Time management is a desirable skill in today’s dynamic, fast-paced world. And the lack of it often leads to unmet goals and disorganization. Time is your most important asset and it is critical to invest it wisely.

Time-saving apps have risen in popularity. Many people utilize them to manage daily tasks, organize work schedules and manage work-life commitments. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add more hours to your 24-hour day. Thankfully there are some super-efficient time-saving apps that can boost your productivity and help you invest your time in a more meaningful way.


1. Chrometa

Chrometa is a time tracking application that helps maintain a digital record of your time. It basically acts as a personal timekeeper. It can help you keep a record of your daily schedule, detect time-wasters and allocate our time in a more suitable manner. Chrometa is also useful when you need to classify time for client projects and invoicing. It offers flexibility for individuals and teams. Available on iOS and Android.


2. FullContact

One of the biggest time wasters is not being organized and spending valuable time searching for phone contacts and email addresses you weren’t able to save on the go. FullContact keeps you fully connected to the people who matter most by pulling in all your contacts and continuously syncing them with changes to social profiles, photos, email signatures, company information, and more. This app will help you focus more on relationships instead of wasting time trying to manage all of your contacts. Available for iOs, Mac, Android and Gmail.


3. Cube Anywhere

Cube is perfect for businesses, contractors, consultants, developers and freelancers that need to track their time and expenses and keep tabs on project costs. The app can be integrated with third-party platforms like Google, GitHub, Bitbucket and Twitter. Available on iOS and Android.


4. Zirtual

Zirtual is a virtual assistant service that matches busy startups with dedicated assistants. Zirtual undertakes various tasks such as responding to emails, managing calendars, travel coordination, planning events and conducting research for a monthly fee. Their service can make your day more productive by handling mundane administrative tasks that are time killers.
 You can access Zirtual via your iPhone, Mac desktop or Google Extension.


5. Toggl

Toggle is a time tracking system for small businesses. The app is a simple online timer with a powerful timesheet calculator. Enter the task and tap Start to commence time tracking. It also has an option to manually record time. Toggl has a number of advantages – the main being that it’s affordable, convenient and extremely user-friendly.
 It is compatible with all devices and syncs with iOS and Android.


6. Clear

Start organizing your life with Clear. It’s time to ditch your Post-it notes. Clear’s playful and clutter-free interface makes it easier than ever to stay organized. It’s as easy to use as pen and paper: pull down to add a new item and swipe right to complete a task—it’s that simple. One distinctive usability feature is that much of the app can be controlled through gestures like hand sweeps and finger taps.
 Available on iOS and Mac.


7. Eternity

Striking the right balance between work and personal time is a huge challenge. It’s easy to look at the clock and wonder where you time went. Eternity is a time log app that can help you track multiple, hierarchical projects, review and adjust logs and generate reports that are easily exported to Excel. Available on iOS.


These time-saving applications and services can revolutionize your personal and professional lives by making you more industrious, efficient and resourceful. Monitor and track your time with ease.


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