When You Feel You’re Not Good Enough To Be Called An ‘Expert’

If you’re struggling with feeling like you're not enough, use these suggestions and start to cultivate your own your expert status.

Photo: Vickie Gould; Credit: Laura Griffith
Photo: Vickie Gould; Credit: Laura Griffith

New entrepreneurs are notorious for thinking, “I’m not enough!” and feeling like “I don’t have enough experience to be considered an expert.”

When we are just starting out in business we have a tendency to downplay our experience. However, I always say that, generally, whatever you are selling is most likely a commodity. This means the difference and unique selling point (USP) is you.

You bring your journey, struggles, lessons learned, and personal insights to the table. Your story is uniquely yours and you are the only expert at being you. So, it’s not impossible to be an expert.

I also believe in the “be-do-have” model.

After all, you have to be something before you have it and being requires that you do as if you already are! So, in practice if you want to think, act and feel like an expert, there are a few things you should start owning right away.

Here are the five truths experts practice consistently, ideals that you, too, can live by and build your confidence one truth at a time.


1. Experts know there are non-negotiables.

Experts identify the people they want to work with by their qualities. They market to a target audience, also known as an ideal customer. They are only available for those clients that they set out to serve. They don’t get an unqualified lead and then try to fit a square peg into a round hole.


2. Experts cultivate a client relationship of appreciation.

An expert knows that if a client doesn’t appreciate you, it’s not a good fit. Their clients don’t try to run the show. Instead their clients depend on their proven expertise to lead, advise and provide clarity and structure for their goals. Simply, put they’ve cultivated the know, like and trust factor.


3. Experts don’t fall victim to the ‘money story’.

Experts don’t act desperate and attempt to make up for someone’s limiting beliefs. They don’t get sucked into their client’s fear or sob story of “I don’t have enough money.” Expert entrepreneurs know their value, communicate their value and set a price that their ideal customers respect. Experts also know there’s more than enough abundance to go around. A few well-aligned clients makes for a more enjoyable experience than a high volume of clients they have to accommodate and appease.


4. Experts aren’t afraid to set expectations.

Experts set expectations from the get go. Their clients know what to expect and what they must do on their end in order to reap the full benefit of working with an expert. For example, an expert business coach tells new clients that their results are dependent on their own coachability, faithfulness to take action and learning curve during coaching sessions. Experts don’t overwhelm clients with too much information (in fear of under-delivering) all at once — they observe what their client needs at that moment.


5. Experts aren’t afraid to upsell.

Are you hesitant to ask current clients if they are interested in additional packages? Don’t be. If an expert knows their client needs more, they suggest and offer it. They will make sound recommendations because they’re the expert. They know what it takes for a client to achieve the results they want and they’re not afraid to say so.


If you’re struggling with feeling like you’re not enough, use the above suggestions and start to cultivate your own your expert status. To feel like an expert, start acting and doing what an expert does and the confidence will progress naturally, along with clients truly value what you have to offer.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Vickie Gould is a story marketing and publicity coach whose expertise came about through an unusual way – her battle with chronic Lyme Disease. Through telling her story over and over, she realized that sharing stories is what connects us all, personally and in business. She is constantly referred to as “inspiring” and is passionate about speaking to entrepreneurs to “Take Your Turn!” and live a life of purpose, meaning and no regrets. She lives with her husband and 3 children in Michigan. Connect with @vickie_gould on Twitter.


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