Why Are So Many Creative Entrepreneurs Waiting To Find Clarity?

When I initially heard the term clarity in association with being an entrepreneur I didn't quite perceive its importance. After all, I had never really considered clarity to...

Photo: Sarah Marie Thompson, The Creative Success Coach; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Sarah Marie Thompson, The Creative Success Coach; Source: Courtesy Photo

If you’re wondering if you have clarity, you probably don’t.

When I initially heard the term clarity in association with being an entrepreneur I didn’t quite perceive its importance. After all, I had never really considered clarity to be a must-have when it came to my life or business.


The multi-passionate challenge creative entrepreneurs face

I’ve always been a multi-passionate person; I loved to do so many things. 

All of my life I have been a very creative person. Being an inventive person is amazing, rewarding and colorful; however it can also be very difficult. As a creative entrepreneur I find that our minds whirl around in twenty different directions all at once.

I wanted to try so many careers and hobbies simply to make sure that I had experienced them all. I never wanted to look back and think to myself, “I wish I had tried that.”

Years ago my family thought it was quite comical how I would constantly try new things; seemingly doing something new every-single-year. They thought it was flighty (and a bit dumb of me) to not lock down a solid paycheck and 50-year career in something mainstream … something they understood.

I tried different career paths to experience them; many to my success. I was searching for what I thought I would love, but I kept turning up empty-handed because none of my ventures were unlocking my true purpose. To he honest, I had no idea what my soul’s true purpose was exactly.

I realized that I had wasted a lot of time, money and energy over a number of years because I was unclear – I had no clarity – about my direction and future. I thought myself to be a very capable person, so I could just figure it out on my own. That was my first mistake.


The value of knowing what you don’t know

When I finally hired my very first business coach, I soon realized what I wanted my life to look like and how I could get there. Clarity came rushing in as it lifted the fog that had seemed to fill my creative mind for as long as I could remember. I was finally getting clear on very simple goals I wanted to achieve.

Things actually began to make sense.

Clarity can be a very scary thing at first. Many of us initially say no to clarity because it means we will face more risk and our lives will change when we find it. People who are ready for clarity are those who inherently want to make a difference with (and in) their lives. Truth be told, you can only change something in your life if you are ready for it.

This also holds true for finding clarity (a clear and concise plan for your future).

Clarity is powerful because it will:

  • force you to change for the better
  • get you out of our comfort zone
  • help you stop wasting money
  • make you stop wasting your time

I became crystal clear on what I wanted to spend my time and energy doing. I learned the difference between what I really like to do vs. what I really love to do. This differentiation revealed that I had wasted way too much time procrastinating and only doing what I liked to do.

I was finally able to pin point what I wanted to give to the world.


Is it time to turn down another road?

When you don’t have clarity in life (or business) you make random decisions, work ineffectively on other’s needs, use up energy on tasks with no outcome, and waste dollar after dollar.

The moment I gained clarity about my mission and a path I could take the most interesting things started to happen to me.

I started meeting all the right people (people that meshed with my dreams and goals), manifesting all the right experiences (noticing different ways of doing things), and I was consistently happy.

My life literally turned onto another road.

Today I know that clarity was my road map to success. It won’t lead you astray. Your life shifts into a beautiful direction when you get it. Don’t get me wrong, I still partake in many of those fun hobbies, but I now know what deserves my creative, passionate, and thoughtful energy — and what doesn’t.

I wish I had asked myself one question earlier in life: Why are you waiting to find clarity?

If it’s a time factor, then you have to ask yourself, “How much is my time worth?”

If it’s a money factor, then ask yourself, “How much is it monetarily worth to continue on the path I’m on now?”

If it’s fear … don’t worry. You are not alone! You can start living the life of your dreams when you make a decision to seek clarity.

When you look back on your life how do you want to feel about it? Have you settled into believing you don’t want to do what you truly love?

The easy answer to all of this is simple: Do you feel good being you (as you are today)? If not … chase clarity.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Sarah Marie Thompson is ‘The Creative Success Coach’, mentoring and coaching female entrepreneurs to confidently create a magically abundant life and business. She has created a successful and inspiring online community of 190,000+ people; hosting empowerment and creativity challenges worldwide. Inspiring others to live a life of true potential, as well as having an uplifting impact on the world are Sarah’s main focuses. As the creator of the Wild and Creative brand she assists female entrepreneurs in following their soul’s true calling, into a career that they are authentically passionate about. Connect with @wildandcre8ive on Twitter.



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