Image Stylist Shares 3 ‘Girl Boss’ Secrets For A Flawless Photo Shoot

When I first began my entrepreneurial journey, I fought scheduling a professional photo shoot tooth and nail. Why? Well, perfectionism, for one.

Photo: Kirstie Dempsey; Credit: 
Otis & James Photography
Photo: Kirstie Dempsey; Credit: 
Otis & James Photography

You’ve got this entrepreneurship business down pat. Website copy? Nailed it. Marketing strategy? Mapped out for the next three months.

Compelling press photos for your branding and marketing efforts? Oh, yeah? About that!

When I first began my entrepreneurial journey, I fought scheduling a professional photo shoot tooth and nail. Why? Well, perfectionism, for one.


Are you press ready?

We all want to look (and feel) flawless in our professional press photos. In most cases, it is our first impression on other entrepreneurs and potential clients alike.

Think about it! Are you more compelled to click ‘like’ or ‘follow’ on profiles of entrepreneurs who have polished profile photos or those who look like they took a selfie in the bathroom mirror?

Don’t make that mistake!

You can be a fierce female entrepreneur with standout photos that attract clients to you like a magnet. As an image stylist, there are three key rules I follow when building out the perfect wardrobe for a press photo shoot.


1. Infuse your personal brand into your wardrobe.

What’s your brand style? Are you the trendy ‘It Girl’? Or are you the classic businesswoman? Is your brand image all about natural living and a green lifestyle? Or are you a mogul who power lunches regularly?

These aspects of your brand image should all play into your wardrobe. You’re not going to want to don a power suit if you’re marketing holistic healing services.


Photo: © StockRocket, YFS Magazine
Photo: © StockRocket, YFS Magazine

Always, always dress to fit your brand messaging, style and tone. This is something most of my clients fail to address when choosing their wardrobe for shoots and events. It’s okay to stay consistent to your usual style, in fact, I recommend it!

Just remember, if your brand is about being the ‘It’ Girl’ – be that! Find a trendy dress that will make you shine. But if your brand values are more aligned with timelessness, you don’t want to rock a fad that will be deemed ridiculous two years down the road.


2. Plan your wardrobe ‘looks’ at least a month in advance.

Take it from someone with first-hand experience, you do not want to wait until the eleventh hour to find that perfect dress, only to be totally let down when you can’t have it shipped to your door in time for your shoot.

Give yourself ample time to create a vision for your photo shoot looks, purchase the items, and try them on to ensure they fit properly.

 And speaking of proper fit…


3. Seek out the experts for a flawless photo shoot.

There are a few key players to have on speed dial when you’re planning a wardrobe for any big shoot or even an event. A seamstress or professional tailor is essential to tweaking any outfit to perfection.


Photo: © SolisImages, YFS Magazine
Photo: © SolisImages, YFS Magazine

Pay attention to details, you do not want to immortalize the frumpy blazer with ill-fitting shoulders in a photo! A good make-up artist and hair stylist will help you complete the look. And don’t be afraid to enlist the help of beauty apps.

Within an hour, you can have a hairstylist or makeup artist at your door for an affordable price with the app, GLAMSQUAD (in select cities). You can choose the look you want in the style menu and all stylists are screened and trained. You can get a quick blow out in the comfort of your living room. Or book a makeup artist for your press photo shoot.

Additionally, use your photographer as a resource throughout the planning process. Your photographer should know what will appear best and can guide your wardrobe decisions.


If you’re really dreading the wardrobe planning process, make it extra easy on yourself and hire a stylist. Any good stylist knows the best items to wear for photo shoots and can work with your style, personality and brand to create the perfect look for your photo shoot.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Kirstie Dempsey is an Image Stylist for female entrepreneurs. Kirstie uses her eye for style and her natural intuitiveness to create wardrobes for her clients that leave them feeling confident and ready to conquer the entrepreneurial world. In her free time, Kirstie can be found exploring Los Angeles with her 2-year-old son and husband. Kirstie is based in LA, and assists femmepreneurs across the globe in bringing their soul into their style. Connect with @kirstiekayc on Twitter.


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