The Best Advice On Creating Sales Funnels That You’ll Ever Read

Simple sales funnels are the elusive pot of gold that every entrepreneur seeks, but that only a few actually find.

Photo: Jessica Lorimer; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Jessica Lorimer; Source: Courtesy Photo

Simple sales funnels are the elusive pot of gold that every entrepreneur seeks, but that only a few actually find.

Let’s face it, there are so many different resources when it comes to creating sales funnels, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed… and then you end up creating a sales funnel that looks more complicated than the relationship statuses of the Kardashian family!

The thing is, there isn’t really one big secret to creating a simple sales funnel that sells. In fact, the one thing that usually overwhelms entrepreneurs with their sales funnels is trying too hard to complicate the customer experience.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to be heavily interested in all the different components that can make up a sales funnel… but that doesn’t actually mean that you need to include everything. Radical — I know!

Back when I was a new entrepreneur, I was incredibly good at connecting with people and this skill landed me a steady stream of clients. And then, like every entrepreneur I knew, I started researching different online lead generation techniques.

I discovered hundreds of tactics I wanted to use, like: webinars, social media, landing page software, email autoresponder sequences (the list, quite frankly, was endless). And because I was a first-time entrepreneur, I figured my “simple sales technique” couldn’t possibly stack up to the same level success as some of the internet marketing greats if I didn’t use their proven techniques. So I tried them all. At once.

And then I became a millionaire overnight. 


In trying everything at once, here’s what I actually achieved.


  • My first webinar hosted two live viewers: one real life viewer and my mum.

  • I spent $180 on Facebook ads that only netted 17 conversions.

  • My email sequence had three different voices, none of which really sounded like me.


And the biggest frustration was that my PayPal balance wasn’t increasing at all! I was doing everything the internet marketing gurus endorsed and I it wasn’t working for me.


Photo: © GaudiLab, YFS Magazine
Photo: © GaudiLab, YFS Magazine

Then I realized: I was trying to incorporate all of those models at once and it made it too complicated for my audience to buy. Think about it.

You wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon and want to hear him say, “I know you’ve got this heart issue, but come back later and I can also fix your broken arm, give you laser eye surgery and a face lift too!” Right?

Well that’s effectively what my sales strategy looked like … too much disconnected busy work and not enough genuine connection and focus.


This is what your sales funnel is missing

You see, I’ve been in sales for over a decade. I raked in over $4m per year for large corporate businesses on a regular basis, all the while setting up new sales divisions across the globe.

But when I transitioned from corporate America to entrepreneurship, I started taking advice that went against the strong and proven sales strategies that I’d developed over the years. Strategies that included: give value, demonstrate your expertise, build relationships, and make money. Simple.

So if you’re currently stuck in sales funnel mayhem, here are 5 things you need to start practicing to get the cash flowing with ease and authenticity.


1. Know who you’re selling to

Seriously. The best sales funnel in the world won’t help you if you don’t know your ideal client. And no, I’m not talking about their shoe size or favorite magazine. I’m talking about basic demographics, personality, attitudes, aspirations, buying habits, hobbies, spending habits, their values and the 3am problem that keeps them up at night!


2. Know what you’re selling

It really is that simple. Don’t create a product or service until you have identified the big problem that your prospect has and validated their need for it. Business is about people with problems (your ideal client) and people with solutions (you).

Creating solutions and being able to articulate them to your ideal client will mean that you make money — always. And make sure that you’re able to convey how that solution is going to fix their problem in the most effective and efficient way possible.


3. Overdeliver on value

How many times have you eagerly handed over your email address for the “Top 10 Tricks to Tantalise Your Audience and Get Them to Buy Everything You Have” only to receive a one page PDF, pitching that person’s new programme? And how many times did you actually buy?

Your ideal client wants the same as you — to buy from an expert. And experts overdeliver in terms of value all of the time because they understand that free value establishes them as an expert in their space and attracts loyal customers that really do buy every time.


4. Keep it simple

Confused minds don’t buy! So, if you’re worrying about not having a webinar, 10-step challenge and bells and whistles landing page to get to your core offer, don’t! As entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to overcomplicate the process.

Instead, all you really need to worry about is the problem your ideal client has and how you can can solve it and communicate your proficiency at doing so. It’s not about how many times you get them to use your hashtag.


5. Market effectively

Spending all day on Facebook Lol-ing at cat videos uploaded by your prospective clients is not going to help you get them to sign up for your product or service. Reaching out and delivering value however, will.

Keep your marketing simple by always delivering value. Establishing yourself as an expert will keep your audience coming back for more and ensure they are proactive in their buying behavior.


So there you have it. If you’re feeling paralysed by your sales funnel and you can’t understand why it’s not raking in sales, go back to the basics.

Are you really solving your clients’ problem and are they aware that you are the expert that is going to be able to help them?


This article has been edited and condensed.

Jessica Lorimer is a Business Strategist and sales funnel expert who works with coaches to develop proven sales strategies to attract premium clients with ease so that they have more time, money and freedom and don’t have to worry about finding new clients every month. Jessica manages a thriving online Facebook community, Fabulous Female Entrepreneurs, where she shows up daily and delivers trainings on attracting premium clients with ease. Connect with @jessicalorimer on Twitter.


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