4 Wellness Tips To Boost Your Energy, Drive And Focus

Your mind and body are vital to the success and wellness of your business.

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Working on your business can be super stressful, especially if you’re a hard-driving solopreneur on a mission to leave the world different than the way you found it.

Your business, customers, and investors require your vision, energy, and 100% focus. None of this is possible unless you have control and authority over your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Several years ago when I started a new business, I made a poor mistake during a product launch without even realizing it.

I went several days without sleep, and I also drank too much alcohol and caffeine which is a horrible combination. I ended up having a mental breakdown and my best friend had to come to my rescue.

Luckily my customers had no idea what happened. After this experience, I took a break from my business ventures to take care of my most important asset: my body.

After 7 months of therapy, yoga, self-discipline and reading books like Thrive by Arianna Huffington, I realized that wellness is critical if you want to be a successful business owner.

If you’re not taking care of your mental and physical wellness, your business is going to suffer. So, I recommend that you adopt one or several new wellness practices to skyrocket your daily happiness and performance.


1. Meditate

Some of the most successful CEOs and founders are active and dedicated meditators. Meditation is the practice of sustained, focused attention on whatever you choose to focus on. There are a lot of different meditation practices, but the most widely accessible practice is mindfulness meditation where you simply focus your attention on your breath, your body or a mantra.


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All you need to do is pick the amount of time you wish to meditate, pick your point of focus and be kind to yourself. 

I started my meditation practice a year ago and it’s done wonders for my focus and performance. I’m more patient with customers, clients and most importantly, myself.




If you read Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, you’ll know she had a rude awakening when she woke up in the middle of the night drenched in a pool of blood. She fell asleep at her desk from exhaustion and hit her face on the edge of a table.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our generation, that inspired Arianna to study and promote wellness practices. In Huffington’s studies, she realized that sleep is the most important practice to create a business and life that’s sustainable and thriving.


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If you’re not getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night, there’s a high likelihood that specific brain functions will atrophy. This means you’ll start to lose your memory and other important thinking functions. Even though 7 hours of sleep is recommended, I would aim for 8 hours of sleep every night.

You can’t have a hard-driving, successful business if you’re pounding down cup after cup of coffee in order to stay awake. You need to get sleep so your customers and employees can have your undivided attention. As Huffington says, “You’ve got to sleep your way to the top if you want to be successful.”


3. Faith

I rarely hear people attribute faith to business success, but there’s a bunch of research and data that’s been done over the last few decades to show there’s a correlation.

In Sonja Lyubomirsky popular science driven book The How of Happiness, she tells us that 50% of our happiness is based on our genetics, 10% is based on our environment and 40% is based on our personal outlook. This means we may not have control over our genetic makeup, but we do have control over a large percentage of our happiness.


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In her book, she provides ten happiness practices to enhance personal well-being and satisfaction. Faith and religion are shown to make people more optimistic and forward thinking. Both of those qualities are essential to running a successful business.


4. Nurture relationships

At the end of the day, you need a support system of people who’ll be there for you whether your business is thriving or suffering. This support system will be to your benefit if it includes trusted advisors, friends, and family who truly care about you and your well-being.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have several friends, mentors, and coaches who have my back during tough times. These people are always available for me to work through my challenges and address solutions to feel better.


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I believe these relationships are successful because they’re reciprocal in nature, meaning I also have their back when they’re struggling.

When you nurture your relationships, the health of your business will see benefits. It’s almost like having your own group of cheerleaders on the sidelines when you have a group of people who have your back unconditionally.

The best way to nurture relationships is to have regular conversations, activities, and retreats. Make sure to schedule time in your calendar every week to meet up with someone in your support system.

If you need an additional resource to help you nurture relationships, I highly recommend reading Keith Ferrazzi’s book, Never Eat Alone.



When in doubt, always take care of your mind and body. Your mind and body are vital to the success and wellness of your business. Without a flourishing wellness practice, there’s a high likelihood you’ll burn out and under perform. This isn’t good for your bottom line.

Adopting a wellness practice takes discipline and patience. It’s not easy to practice, but you’ll see the benefits after being consistent and patient. When in doubt, always surround yourself with other people who support your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Those are the people who’ll cheer you toward success and prosperity.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Max DuBowy is a relationship management coach for new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to go from awkward to confident in any social setting. If you’re ready to go from shy and forgettable to the friend everyone wants to do business with, visit YourSuccessLaunch.com for coaching opportunities and tips for boosting your confidence and personal happiness. Connect with @MaxDuBowy on Twitter.


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