3 Simple Ways To Define Your Personal Brand Style

When you’re building a business online, a top priority as an industry newcomer is to build awareness around your personal brand.

Photo: LaTanya Karla Bailey; Credit: DFinney Photography

When you’re building a business online, a top priority as an industry newcomer is to build awareness around your personal brand.

One key way to share your brand message is through your personal style.

Think fast, what color turtleneck did Steve Jobs wear?

If your answer was black then you understand the importance of this concept and how iconic his “uniform” had become. Even in the tech industry, style is memorable. 

Your brand is all about how you make people feel.

If you think of some of your favorite brands, it isn’t just their logo or website that makes you love them, it’s the experience they offer and the feeling you get when you interact with them.

As online video and live streaming become more popular, it shows that people want more human connections when it comes to the brands they love. They want a deeper connection with brands that share a message they can relate or aspire to; and not all messages are conveyed through words alone.

Here are 3 ways you can share your brand’s message through style.


1. Wear your brand colors

Wearing your brand colors can help you become more recognizable in your industry as the face of your brand. Even if you love neutral colors like black, white and grey, adding your brand’s colors as an accent goes a long way.

Color evokes emotion. When you select your brand colors think about how you want to make your clients feel.


  • Do you want them to see you as an authority? Then consider red, purple, or black.

  • Do you want to make them feel calm and safe? If so, blue, white, or tan will work best.

  • Do you want them to know you’re joyful and fun? Consider yellow, orange, or green.


2. Create your signature statement look

Do you have a signature statement piece that you wear often? Do you love bold lipstick, bowties, sleek watches, eco-friendly clothing, or statement necklaces, etc.? Any of these details can make a statement.

The key is to be consistent in your attire. Most people who create personal brands are inconsistent with their visual cues, so consistency will help you stand out, become memorable and gain an edge over competition.


Photo: Aimee Song, Song of Style; Credit: Ramon Garcia


Important note: Be true to you! The purpose of having a signature statement isn’t to create a brand image or hide behind a mask that isn’t you. Be authentic to who you are and your personality.

Think about how you want to represent yourself and your brand or how you want to up-level to the person you desire to be and the brand you desire to have.


3. Have a unique uniform

Remember the Steve Jobs reference? Jobs is a great example of what it means to have a uniform (e.g., black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers). Having a uniform makes you recognizable and memorable.

The best part of having a uniform is this: it makes getting ready everyday a breeze. No more worrying about what to wear and what looks great together.

A great way to begin building your image is to reflect your brand’s message is to create a capsule wardrobe, a collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched to create outfits effortlessly.


Final thoughts

When you bring all of these style tips together you create an image that reflects your brand message, which shows that you’re in the game, makes you stand out and pique people’s interest about who you are and what you do.

The most popular online influencers create personal brands; they don’t just sell, they share a lifestyle and a behind the scenes look into their life and business. That’s what consumers connect with in today’s cluttered marketplace. You can do the same by showing up in a way that positions you as an authority figure while also being relatable and authentic.


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LaTanya Karla Bailey, is a Life and Success Stylist for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to build their confidence, influence and style so they can be more visible and have the impact that they desire in their business. Her solid framework goes beyond great graphics and websites to go deep into her client’s brand story, image and style. LaTanya’s fun, motivational personality has garnered acclaim from loyal clients worldwide. Get her FREE Style Cleanse to take your personal brand to the next level. Connect with @latanyakarla on Twitter and Facebook.


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