4 Key Truths About Changing Your Life

Nothing changes until we change. We have to take a risk. Here's a look at four key principles you can use to start creating change in your life.

Arun Kumar Mishra
Photo: Arun Kumar Mishra, Founder and Director of Chanakya IAS Academy; Source: Courtesy Photo

Entrepreneurs are often considered larger than life. We are known to take big risks and navigate seemingly insurmountable odds. For many it’s a mindset and lifestyle that seems out of reach.

The truth is, we can all tap into these traits and discover our true potential. This becomes an important task when we feel stuck, like a hampster on the proverbial wheel, in a monotonous, unfocused and unfulfilled life.

Nothing changes until we change. We have to take a risk.

Here’s a look at four key principles you can use to start creating change in your life.


1. Break your routine

For many of us, life is repetitive. Every day we go home, have dinner, talk to our family members and fall sleep with very little variation. Break the dull routine and add some leisure activities to the mix. Plan a family trip and come back home with a renewed zest for life.

We all know how important it is to try new things. We’re told to look at the world with a fresh perspective, but we often fail to live that way. Hence, it’s necessary to remind ourselves that challenges help us grow. And without risk, we can never know what we are truly capable of.

A routine gives us structure; but it begs the question: Is your routine actually working (i.e. producing desired results)? As Dan Cumberland, author of The Meaning Manifesto suggests, “Sometimes breaking your routine is really important. Sometimes life, energy, and creativity are found outside of your usual routine.”


2. Choose your own path daily

Your life is your own project. You have to nurture and fight for it daily.

It’s important to expand our thinking capacity. Explore beyond boundaries and conventional beliefs that insist there’s only one way to do something. Some rules are meant to be broken.

It may seem easy to follow someone else’s script for your life, but the results can be devastating. 
People that we care about will always have their opinions; consider them wisely. A the end of the day choose your own path.


3. Experiment with your life

Risk-taking is a common trait among entrepreneurs. Fear of failure doesn’t hold them back. They know that if they take risks and fail, they will be glad that they tried something new.

When we take on new challenges we always have the opportunity to learn. Much of that learning is continued through iteration and experimentation as we find better ways to accomplish our goals the next time. This same mindset can be applied to life.

Ask yourself, “What is holding me back?” Is it your fear of failure or your ego? Maybe you’re afraid of what someone might say? Do you think it’s too late to try something new at this juncture in your life?

Trying something new doesn’t mean you have to flip your life upside down. Start with small changes every day. Experiment with your life.


4. Never overlook the power of little things

Little things that we change can break the monotony of life and help us regain our personal power. Try a new restaurant, take your spouse for a night out on the town, go to an unfamiliar place with friends, try a new hobby, do something kind and unexpected for your parents.

Discover yourself and empower others by paying attention to the little things. Break at least one conventional rule every day and see what happens.


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Arun Kumar Mishra, fondly known as Success Guru AK Mishra, is the Founder and Director of Chanakya IAS Academy and his dream Organization AK Mishra’s Art of Success. He is a celebrated motivational speaker who has been passionately providing his Art of Success training all over India to bring revolutionary transformation in human behavior. For more than two decades he has been inspiring youth with his motivational lectures. Through the AK Mishra’s Art of Success initiative, AK Mishra aspires to empower, inspire and program human minds to achieve success in every sphere of life. Connect with @guruakmishra on Twitter.


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