How I Turned My ‘Anti-Launch’ Into Six-Figure Success

When it comes to launches in business, most people prefer convention and tradition. It's safe. But safe didn't earn me six-figure success.

Photo: Amanda Goldman-Petri, founder of Market Like A Nerd; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Amanda Goldman-Petri, founder of Market Like A Nerd; Source: Courtesy Photo

Patterns create conventions, ways in which something is usually done. This creates traditions, which can unfortunately create ruts.

When it comes to product launches, most people prefer convention and tradition. It’s safe. But for me, it is ironic, because I broke every rule in the book for what constitutes a “traditional launch.” I embraced the “anti-launch”. Subsequently, I made over a half a million dollars in the process ($562,000 to be exact).

Aside from a limited time offer, I didn’t follow the constructs of a traditional program launch when I launched Marketing Nerds Mastermind — no webinars, affiliate partners, sales page, launch page, email list or Facebook group offer. I decidedly ditched convention and my product launch took on a life of its own.

If you want to take your own idea public, launch products and bring in a sizeable income in the process, consider these launch tips:


1. Focus on the first sale

The hardest part of the product launch journey is the first step. It’s hard to get started, keep going, and nab that first sale. The first sale should be a no-brainer sale; rather the easy sale that a client can’t pass up.

To get that first sale, I reached out to existing clients who were part of a program that was ending. I sent them individual Facebook messages with details on the mastermind. I shared that the first five sign-ups would get 50% off the program when paid in full by a certain date. My first five clients quickly signed up.


2. Embrace essentials

Consider what’s necessary — right now — to achieve specific results. Forget everything else. We’re told to that a successful online presence requires an investment in Facebook ads or to build your email list, host webinars, etc. These things have their place. But not all of those strategies make money in the moment for your current goal. For my product launch, I ditched content creation, blogs, social media and newsletters. Instead, I focused on actions that would make transactional sales with shorter sales funnels.


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3. Tap into influence

In the early days, I researched and planned my launch, it became blatantly obvious that the top earners in my industry were also the biggest influencers. They were the ones on podcasts, speaking at summits and hanging out with other influencers. In order to place yourself at a level worthy of a higher income, market yourself as an influencer and invest in publicity. For example, I organized a telesummit last fall with 37 millionaires and market influencers. This led to a position where I could market myself at a high value price point.


4. Leverage offer stacking

This is called the “anti-launch” because it rolls off the tongue a bit nicer than saying, “I created an entire launch purely by offer stacking!” But that’s essentially what this was, one large offer stack.

Photo: Offer Stacking example, Source: YFS Magazine


What is offer stacking?

It’s always easier to sell something to someone who already trusts your product. I created a resale campaign with:


  • Clients from a previous program that was was ending and offered the mastermind product.

  • VIP ticket holders from the tele summit. Those that purchased VIP tickets received, among other things, a phone call. During that phone call I was able to offer them the mastermind.


Once those leads were exhausted, I turned to referral and hit list campaigns. Referral campaigns are built on asking existing clients to refer others, It’s the oldest and still the most reliable form of marketing.

This works best when you give clients a reason to tell their peers about you, otherwise you’re just another spam email. In this instance, those that sent a referral my way received a paid-for mark. But the biggest success of this “anti-launch” remained the offer stacking.


An inside look at offer stacking

For Black Friday, I went back to clients that originally said “no” or “maybe” on the mastermind offer. This time I offered a steal of a deal on a cash injection campaign (i.e., quick cash strategies that don’t require a webinar, sales page, big launch, or crazy technology). Once the campaign was over and clients had benefited from a profit influx, two weeks later I offered the mastermind again.

When you stack offers, profits go up. Here’s some tips to keep in mind:


  • Offer your biggest value up front 

    This lesson applied to the cash injection campaign I offered on Black Friday. This is my biggest profit making point and one client’s can immediately sink their teeth into. It seemed crazy to offer it at such a reduced price but I knew if I could help them make a sizeable sum in two weeks, they could afford the mastermind and would want to take their business to the next level. It was risky to offer my biggest value up front, but I had to trust in myself and what I was giving clients.


  • Treat clients like gold 

    This seems like a given, yet many entrepreneurs will only focus on “high-ticket” clients. They ignore the rest that have already bought from them. Yet those clients already know your brand, your system and what you can offer them. They’re usually more willing to buy back into a program through an up-sell and send referrals.A third of my mastermind sales came from previous clients and the rest from referrals. In total, 17 of the 29 people in my mastermind came from clients. So the lesson is this: serve first and your service will sell itself. Treat clients well.


5. Do things your way

Break the rules, break the mold. You don’t have to do things the conventional way. This can all be adapted for your business, whether you’re a life coach, online marketer or art dealer.

The key is to do things your way. Work in the way that you’re comfortable. You’ll stand out and have a lot more fun. You may even make six figures along the way.


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Amanda Goldman-Petri is the founder of Market Like A Nerd and an internationally renowned “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Online Marketing Coach for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their profits while minimizing the amount of time and effort they put into their business. After overcoming poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and near death, Amanda was able to persevere and create her first $10K month within 4 months at the age of 22. She then went on to create multiple 6+ figure businesses, expand her business to 19 different countries, and in her most recent launch, she generated $557K in ~90 days. Connect with @amandagpfan on Twitter.


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