Business Surveillance: 5 Creative Ways To Hide Security Cameras

Security cameras can protect your company's most valuable assets. While security cameras are commonplace for many businesses, not all cameras are hidden.

Hidden security cameras can protect your company’s most valuable assets. While security cameras are commonplace for many businesses, not all cameras are hidden.

However, hidden security cameras are ideal when, and if, the time comes to catch intruders or prevent potential theft. 

There are plenty of reasons why you should hide security cameras, including:


  • Preserve interior aesthetics

    Security cameras in plain sight can easily kill the visual appeal of your interior office or retail space. Bulky or oddly placed security cameras can take away from the architecture of the space.


  • Prevent tampering

    If a burglar can readily find your Wi-Fi enabled video monitoring devices, the result is quite predictable. It is best to keep your security cameras hidden from direct line of sight.


  • Deter employee theft

    Of course, you trust your employees. But the fact is “employee theft accounts for 43% of lost revenue,” globally. Similarly, “a US Retail Fraud Survey identified employee theft as the single biggest cause of loss to retailers,” according to Forbes.


How to hide security cameras

Now that you know why it’s best to keep your security cameras hidden, it’s time to consider creative ways to keep them out of sight and boost your peace of mind.

Hidden security cameras should be integrated with the surroundings. Here’s a look at common items that serve as the best spots to disguise them:


  • Bookshelves and hollow books

    A bookshelf stacked with books offers a great place to hide security cameras. Place a mini surveillance camera in between several books. You can also use hollow books to hide cameras. Simply, drill a small hole in the spine of the book to give the device lens a field of view.


  • Tissue boxes

    Empty tissue boxes can serve as an alternative to hollow books. Punch a small hole into the tissue box and place your security camera in it.


  • Curtain rods

    When surveillance cameras are placed above the normal line of sight they are less likely to be detected. This makes curtain rods an ideal spot for placing them.


  • Artificial plants and flower pots

    A security camera placed in a flower-pot can easily be concealed with leaves. An amateur criminal is less likely to sift through flowers to check for the presence of hidden surveillance.


  • Soft toys and stuffed animals

    Generally, thieves seek out expensive items first. Plush toys like teddy bears and stuffed animals are often overlooked. This makes a plush toy on your window seal or office desk an ideal area to hide a security device.


Before you turn your surveillance cameras into covert devices, check with your state laws on covert surveillance. Business surveillance measures should be a top priority for every small business. Taking small security measures can save you money and headaches down the road.


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