Networking App Shapr Is A Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

Like many things in life, you cannot rush quality connections. But with Shapr, a professional networking app, you can prioritize them.

In Collaboration with Shapr

All entrepreneurs need to network. As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more powerful than a strong connection that will get you in the door, help advise you on your ideas and suggest the right people to join your team. Like many things in life, you cannot rush quality connections. But with Shapr you can prioritize them.

Shapr CEO Ludovic Huraux is all too familiar with today’s networking challenges. Busy professionals simply don’t have the bandwidth (or patience) to attend copious mixers or rub elbows with random people in hopes of finding the right business match. So, he launched Shapr—a free networking app that helps professionals meet for inspiring conversations and meaningful collaborations.

“Shapr was inspired by my own experience of business networking as an entrepreneur,” Huraux explains. “It should be easy, inspiring and fun to build your network. Shapr helps find the most relevant nearby professionals who are up for a cup of coffee with someone new.”


A mindful and mobile approach to networking

Shapr is focused on producing and encouraging high quality conversation with nearby professionals. Setting up your profile for iOS or Android is incredibly easy – you can plug in your LinkedIn profile and just add up to 10 interests such as #startups #marketing to help you match. From there, Shapr’s smart algorithm will use your location, self-selected interests, and work experience to produce a daily, personalized selection of ten to fifteen people to meet.

No more random connections!

Every day you can swipe through your daily batch of profiles anonymously and receive a match notification when the interest is mutual. Shapr’s in-app messaging makes it easy to set a time and place to meet. Since you have already approved the connection and know you have interests in common, no small talk is needed to take the conversation offline. While the user experience is similar to Tinder, thankfully it blocks users that attempt to use the app for MLM, dating, or other spammy reasons.


Networking App Shapr Is a Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs
Source: Shapr

Tech expert and founder of TechSesh, Jessica Naziri affirms that technology is your friend. “It’s easier than ever to reach out to someone and get a response back, whether that’s for dating, business relationships or mentorship,” says Naziri. “New opportunities are available for those bold enough to grab them…”


Make networking a daily habit with Shapr

“I have found that it’s a lot easier to network online if I’m not feeling networking in person,” says John Rampton, Founder and CEO of Due. John, like many Shapr users, has discovered the ease of a conversation when you already know what you have in common.

Shapr will level up your online networking game and make networking a habit. What if you could network with high caliber founders while drinking your morning latte? Shapr is incredibly useful for this reason, as it makes networking easy, personal, and contextual—helping you find the right people on your own terms.


Build a high caliber professional network

Simply put, Shapr is the most efficient and simple way to build meaningful professional relationships. If you desire a more mindful, high tech and quality-driven approach to networking—you need this app.

PS — your professional life will be much better for it, just sayin’. Try it and let us know what you think.


In Collaboration with Shapr. So, what are you waiting for? Download Shapr for iOS and Android to start making meaningful professional connections. It’s free!


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