5 Ways To Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Team

People are the life blood of your business. Therefore, creating a culture that taps into their potential should be a priority.

People are the life blood of your business. Therefore, creating a culture that taps into their potential should be a priority. Here’s a look at 5 strategies that can unlock the full potential of your team.


1. Work on yourself

Build knowledge and skills in order to become a high-level professional. When you do, you will have the respect of your team and build the like, know and trust factor.


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Your employees count on you. You are the only one that can lead your team to a higher productivity and efficiency. Your team expects you to supply them with strategies, goals and motivation. They will follow you only if they trust you completely and have faith in your decisions.


2. Discover what motivates your team

Motivation, for the most part, is a matter of mindset. Your task, as a leader, is to analyze your team’s mindset and make adjustments to your culture to meet them where they are and take them further.

Develop personal relationships with each of your employees if possible. If you’re running a larger business where that’s not possible, consider ways to bring your employees together and encourage camaraderie. You can organize various team activities, send out company surveys and use town halls to find out what motivates them best. Then use their feedback to spark that flame on a regular basis.


3. Prioritize the human side of business

How do you treat people on your team? How do you view them and their contributions? Don’t look at your employees as mere productivity cogs on the wheels of your budding empire. Great leaders understand the human side of business. “After all, people not only work together in business but also, hopefully, learn together; they strive not just to achieve organizational goals but also to grow their personal capabilities and develop new skills along the way.”


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4. Provide and gather feedback

Your team will grow and develop in their skills and talents with constructive feedback. Similarly, you can gather feedback to improve your leadership skills and company culture. Your task as a leader is to do the hard work first; and by hard work I mean gather constructive feedback. This will give you valuable insights that can fix underlying workplace issues.


5. Reward top performers

Monitor individual and team performance. Research suggests, it is “possible to recognize top performers and boost team performance at the same time. In fact, these recognition programs pack a kind of “one-two punch” because they increase the performance of individual team members (not only the one who has been recognized) as well as overall team performance. We call these beneficial results recognition spillover effects because recognizing a single team member seems to have a positive and contagious effect on all the other members in the team.”

Final thoughts

It may come as no surprise that many businesses are not well versed in this area. As you raise the potential of your team through company culture initiatives, your personal leadership and reward systems, pay special attention to high potential employees.

According to Harvard Business Review, “A high-potential employee is usually in the top 5% of employees in an organization. These people are thought to be the organization’s most capable, most motivated, and most likely to ascend to positions of responsibility and power.”

By cultivating your team across all levels and raising up leaders in the process, you can create a winning culture. But remember, every employee has a vital role to accomplish. If you help them grow, they’ll help your vision grow too.


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