Entrepreneurs Can Access 17,000 Online Classes For Free — Start With Our Top 10 Picks

Invest in your career. Invest in your passions. Try over 17,000 online classes. Redeem two whole months of Skillshare Premium membership for free.

Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning. Thankfully, with the rise of online learning you can invest in yourself from the comfort of a café, home office or a business class flight.

Millions of people flock to online learning platforms like Skillshare to build their business knowledge or learn a completely new skill. In fact, there’s no shortage of online courses to help you invest in your passions.

However, it can be difficult to figure out which classes suit you best. So, we’ve removed the guesswork and curated an online learning power list you don’t want to miss. We’ve teamed up with Skillshare, an online learning community with over 3 million members, to deliver access to world-class experts and empower a generation of doers and achievers like you.

Best of all, you can redeem two months of Skillshare Premium membership — for free! That’s two months to try over 17,000 classes. So, work smarter, pick a class (or two or three) and try Skillshare for free – on us!


1. Create marketing systems to grow your brand

We all know we need to market our businesses, but with so many moving pieces we can easily feel overwhelmed. And there’s more to marketing than creativity – it requires systems and a proven strategy. In 56 minutes, Chris Bolman, VP of Marketing at Percolate provides clear, concise and practical marketing tips for brands at any stage. If you know bits and pieces about marketing but want to pull it all together into a cohesive strategy for your business, sign up for free here.


2. Build stronger client relationships

We’ve all had our share of client miscommunication. Successful entrepreneurs rely on very specific tactics to help keep the lines of communication wide open. Designer Will Bryant has built an impressive client list that includes Nike, Red Bull, and Nick Jr. In 47 minutes, he tackles everything from landing your first client to approaching difficult conversations. As much as your clients love you, they love a strong communicator even more. Sign up for free and start building stronger client relationships.


3. Get better at SEO

SEO matters – a lot! Successful businesses ensure their content is easily accessible by Google. They fluently speak the SEO language of today’s digital world. However, it can easily feel like a techie secret society with way more complexities than we have time for. Thankfully, Moz founder Rand Fishkin is available for a 90-minute SEO deep dive. Get a crash course in SEO and put what’ve you’ve learned into action during the class. Enroll for free here and take notes. It’s one of the best SEO tutorials out there.


Entrepreneurs Can Access 17,000 Online Classes For Free — Start With Our Top 10 Picks


4. Craft your digital presence on Instagram

Marketers are rapidly embracing Instagram. In fact, this year 70.7% of U.S. companies will use Instagram to market their brands. In her 45-minute class, designer and illustrator Sophia Chang will teach you how to create great content, build and promote your brand, boost interaction, leverage analytics and use photo editing apps that get results. In a clear and easy to follow format Sophia takes you step-by-step through her proven process. If you use Instagram as a marketing tool, this online class is for you. Sign up here for free.

5. Build a product-based lifestyle brand

Streetwear designer Jeff Staple has spent the last 15 years growing his global apparel brand. Aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and lifestyle brand builders alike can benefit from his expertise. Jeff shares an inside look at his inspiring journey and the history behind his company, Staple Design. So, if you’re serious about branding, grab a cup of coffee, sign up for free and invest 58 minutes into your brand – you’re welcome.


6. Become a better blogger

Content is king in today’s digital world. When you provide useful content that speaks to customers at different buying stages it helps drive traffic to your site, build your brand and convert. But you need a strategy to reap the rewards. In 80 minutes Eric Sui, CEO at Single Grain, reveals a step-by-step guide to create compelling blog content — the same process that helped him build a seven-figure business. If you want to become a better blogger and create high value content, sign up today for free.


Entrepreneurs Can Access 17,000 Online Classes For Free — Start With Our Top 10 Picks


7. Increase e-commerce sales with email marketing

Email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. In fact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38. So, if you’re planning a new campaign or heading back to the drawing board with your existing email marketing funnel, MailChimp’s, Ariana Hargrave, shares tools and tips to help you get started. Sign up today and learn proven email marketing tips for your online business – in 25 minutes flat.


8. Become a successful freelancer

Thinking of becoming a freelancer? Now is the perfect time. The ‘gig economy’ has made freelancing the new normal. More than 53 million Americans are doing freelance work and Justin Gignac, co-founder of Working Not Working, shares how to get started. In 50-minutes this class covers real-life examples and practical tips on how creatives can put themselves out there! If you want to set yourself up for a good start in freelancing, sign up today for free.


9. Take control of your calendar

Have you ever wondered how you can take control of your week and effectively run a fast-paced business? Skillshare co-founder and CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn, shares an insightful behind the scenes look at how to set up your workweek, along with apps and hacks that helped him become a productivity superstar. Sign up for free and take a few productivity pointers from Michael’s playbook.


Entrepreneurs Can Access 17,000 Online Classes For Free — Start With Our Top 10 Picks


10. Take a crash course in business

If you’re new to entrepreneurship, you need practical advice and proven strategies – not a boring business plan. Luckily, you have free access to best-selling author Seth Godin. His thought-provoking 60-minute class is designed to equip budding business owners with actionable advice and materials to dig deeper. Sign up today and confidently take a leap into entrepreneurship.


Which online classes will you choose?

Invest in your career. Invest in your passions. Skillshare is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs who wants to learn tangible, and proven skills to grow personally and professionally. Click here to redeem two whole months of Skillshare Premium membership for free. That’s two months to try over 17,000 classes – which will you choose?


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