Choosing Your First Office Space – 6 Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing a great office space involves careful consideration. It's also a time to celebrate your business taking the next step.

Many successful businesses begin with minimal resources, as they set up shop in a living room, kitchen, garage or basement. As startups grow in size, expanding into an office space is imminent. Although choosing your first office space can seem overwhelming, it’s a moment that’s cause for celebration.

When you choose your first office space, there are several things to keep in mind.


1. Verify network capabilities

Today, every business needs internet access. Phone coverage is also a must, with many startups opting to use smartphones for primary communication. Although commonplace, some buildings in large cities have limited or no connectivity due to nearby infrastructure. Before you sign up for an office space, check mobile reception when walking around the space. Also, reach out to your preferred internet service provider to ensure they offer service to the address.


2. Do this before you sign the lease

Your first office lease should ideally be signed for alongside a trusted professional working on your behalf. A professional commercial real estate broker can review the lease in detail and explain, in layman’s terms if necessary, existing limitations and fees. A proper understanding of your first office lease can save you thousands in the long run.


3. Explore the neighborhood

Even if your business doesn’t have a retail space for customers your location is important. At some point you will have to meet with investors or clients. Checkout the reputation of your neighborhood. Even if it costs a bit more, it’s prudent to invest in a relatively safe neighhborhood. Also, be aware of neighbors. For example, if you’re next to a noisy residence or shady business, investors and clients can be turned off.


4. Consider a general liability policy

Protect your business property, people and assets. A general liability policy can be a lifesaver for a business if something goes wrong. Personal injury insurance is also worth consideration since unnecessary lawsuits can arise from sue-happy individuals. If you’re not prepared a lawsuit can bleed your bank accounts dry.


5. Establish office culture

Take the lead to establish the culture from day one. When you establish the culture of your new workspace it sets the tone for communication, collaboration and much more. For example, if you want to establish a fun, collaborative yet professional culture, consider removing cubicles to promote an open office environment.


6. Connect with the community

Make an effort to introduce yourself. The effort could range from simple plans to hosting a charity fundraiser. The latter can build your brand image in a positive light.


Choosing a great office space involves careful consideration. It’s also a time to celebrate your business taking the next step. Following the tips above, and choose a great office space where your business can continue to flourish.


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