Top 3 Free Project Management Apps For Small Businesses

These project management apps are built to help team members stay organized and meet deadlines, as well as give project managers accountability without having to solicit updates or...

At some phase, every growing business faces the dilemma of an increasing scope of work that requires the management of more tasks and projects. Often, there aren’t enough people, time or resources to complete them.

However, an increase in projects is often the sign of a healthy, flourishing business. New clients and associated tasks feel great, but feeling flustered and overwhelmed is not. That’s where a project management software comes into play.


Project management tools

A robust project management platform reaches beyond simple lists by allowing users to create, assign, manage, and track tasks. It should improve communication between teammates with instantaneous, real-time communication.

But not every fledgling business can afford all the bells and whistles of premium project management tools. Thankfully, there are free platforms that can boost productivity without stretching your budget to the max. Here’s a look at three project management apps that offer freemium versions with room to grow into premium features as your business expands.


1. Trello

Trello is a web-based project management application. Using sticky notes on your whiteboard, Trello’s drag-and-drop interface and visual way of organizing tasks makes sure you always know what needs to get done and who’s working on it.


Project Management Apps For Small Businesses
Source: Trello.com

Users can launch a whiteboard for any topic or project, and then create cards within the board for each task. Organize cards by project status or labels and open them to add comments, upload attachments, add a due date, and more. Users can also add as many people to their boards as needed. According to a user review, it easy to add team members to cards and assign tasks.

Commenting and notification features keep you up-to-date on impending projects and allow you to view team progress. Available on your phone, tablet, and desktop, Trello can make sure you’re never out of the loop. As your team grows, you can upgrade to business class for even more functionality.


2. Asana

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. Asana helps you create, assign, and schedule tasks, and let each team member know what they are responsible for and when it is due.


Project Management Apps for Small Businesses
Source: Asana.com

Asana eliminates the need for email by consolidating all communication and to-do lists into one interface. Users can create custom fields to track assignments and enjoy the task repetition settings that make coordinating projects easier as you grow. The basic version is great for teams just getting started, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan with more features.


3. Wrike

 As with Trello and Asana, Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. Wrike facilitates the creation of projects, sub-folders, and assignments, allowing for streamlined task management.


Project Management Apps for Small Businesses
Source: Wrike.com

Wrike offers a flexible hierarchy of task organization as well as personal dashboards and email and calendar synchronization. The app also provides built-in Gantt charts with paid versions, which this reviewer found both useful and user-friendly.

Wrike offers both board and list views so users can see pending tasks in the format they prefer. Wrike is free for five users with freemium features, and there are four premium plans available.


All three of these project management apps are built to help team members stay organized and meet deadlines, as well as give project managers accountability without having to solicit updates or schedule inconvenient meetings.


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