6 Apps To Improve Your Company Culture

Objective insights can really get your workplace out of an
 engagement rut. It may not happen overnight, but with the right approach—and some help from technology—you can build...

Happiness is the new productivity.

When employees come into your office energized,
 invigorated and ready to take on the day, it shows in their work—and
 studies prove it. Worker surveys repeatedly indicate a clear
 relationship between employee morale and business success rates.

 with active, engaged workplaces
outperform their disengaged competitors by 202%
. According to a USA Today article, publicly traded
 organizations that make Fortune‘s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For 
have gained an average of 10.8% a year
 since 1998. These businesses also have a third of the turnover of average

Now for the bad news: many employees are woefully unhappy at work. In fact,
over a quarter of workers
 admit to job hunting at work. Seven percent say they spend ten hours a week looking, right from their workstations. According
 to Gallup, withdrawn, uninvolved employees costs the US economy
$483 billion to $605 billion annually
 in lost productivity—but only a third of the American workforce is actively


Measuring company culture

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, though, you don’t need a slew of
 statistics to know your team performs better when they’re happy. You
 probably know it from experience—both as a leader and a team member. So
 what gives? Why aren’t more leaders focused on workplace culture and
 overall happiness?


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The answer is simple: it’s difficult. Employees are rarely
 encouraged to speak their minds freely, so taking your culture’s pulse can
 be downright tricky. Meanwhile, between frequent meetings and budgeting
 issues, many startups and small businesses often lack the bandwidth and resources to solve employee
 issues. Luckily, technology is here to help.

The following apps are designed to
 better gauge employee morale, improve productivity and keep projects
 on track—without shelving the work on your plate.



Let’s be real: words like “culture” and “morale” are just corporate-speak
 for how your employees are feeling. As any psychologist will
 tell you, people don’t exactly always know how they feel—nor are they
 particularly good at knowing how others feel.

Moodforce is an app
 designed to take the guesswork out of the process. It’s a thermometer
 for employee wellness, offering insights into staff’s overall mood, as well
 as their health, skills advancement, engagement levels and sense of purpose
 through selective surveys. The apps’ metrics are built on Martin Seligman’s
 PERMA model, a theoretical conceit for fulfilment. Moodforce also allows employees
 to take ownership of company culture, since everyone has access to the
 same statistics as you do. This way, your employees know their opinions are
 actually being heard.



Many apps will help you track employee productivity and engagement. The
 power in Connecteam is that it rolls
 multiple productivity functions into one, easy-to-use interface. This is a
 great tool for anyone looking to start a side venture or better manage
 a remote team.

Connecteam allows you to
 create a branded app for your company. From there, you can track project statuses, ping employees, create
 surveys, design employee onboarding and training and construct custom
 industry-specific templates for emails, texts and feedback requests. Employees, on the other hand, can clock in, access company documents, check
 their schedules and receive payments—all through one app.



Annual performance reviews are so old school! Increasingly, reviews have
 fallen out of vogue in favor of regular informal one-on-one
 manager-to-employee check-ins. Check-ins have several benefits: they feel a
 little more intimate than a sterile, prescribed review—and that intimacy
 makes for more honest feedback and discussion. They’re
 also less likely to be biased
. There’s just one problem: employees and managers are busy; and
 scheduling meetings is a pain. X.ai solves

Amy, X.ai’s virtual assistant, helps you find a time to meet without
all the annoying back-and-forth. All you have to do is CC: [email protected] and ask her to find an empty slot in
 your schedule. Amy takes care of the rest—even going as far as to send out
 invites and providing your Skype username and other important details. Amy’s
 responses sound natural and human, making the business of scheduling those
 check ins a lot less painful for everyone.



All the surveys in the world won’t help you if you can’t do anything with
 the results. That’s the logic behind Emplify, a full-service engagement app
 designed to generate more meaningful responses from employee

Emplify is programmed with questions to help you
 measure actual psychological drivers. Every business who signs up for their
 service also gets assigned a dedicated engagement expert who will help you
 stay accountable to your commitment to improve company culture—and can
 offer suggestions for new changes to help you get there. Emplify
 can help you turn the empty gesture of employee surveys
 into a meaningful part of your company culture.



Does it ever seem like employee training goes in one ear and out the other?
 That’s because it probably does.

Trivie takes
 some of the grunt work out of employee training, using the brain’s natural learning
 processes as a framework. Their game techniques from brain science experts
 are shown to increase retention, such as retrieval practice, micro-learning,
 and adaptive learning. Plus, with its fun, kicky voice, it’s just kind of
 fun. Sayonara, boring training courses!



What’s the best way to get honest feedback? Ask your customers. Employee
 happiness directly impacts customers, so if your
 employees don’t love their jobs, it will be painfully obvious. AskNicely is designed to increase customer retention, reviews and referrals using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework.


Objective insights can really get your workplace out of an
 engagement rut. It may not happen overnight, but with the right approach—and some help from technology—you can build a workplace that people


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