How To Refresh And Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Spruce up, clean up, and get your social media house in order every spring, or any time of year.

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time sharing content and connecting with people on social media. However, if we’re not constantly deleting and sorting, our accounts can become cluttered and disorganized pretty fast.

Here’s a look at top tips to refresh, organize and reboot your social media accounts.


General social media refresh tips

  • Use the same profile picture on all social media accounts. This makes it super easy for prospects and fans to identify you.
 Your profile picture should be a recent headshot or high resolution logo. Also, if your social media account is designed to build your personal brand, ensure it is on brand. The picture should be of you and only you – not you and your cat or significant other.

  • Ensure all social media accounts are business accounts with the same username when possible. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a business handle (with the exception of LinkedIn, of course).


Facebook refresh tips

  • Is your Facebook cover photo still relevant? If you’ve recently created a new course or lead magnet, for example, you’ll want to advertise this type of new product launch as your cover photo.

  • Read your About section and update it if necessary.
 Make sure your business hours are correct. Check to ensure your website link works and links to a landing page that is designed to meet your current marketing objectives.

  • How many Facebook Groups do you belong to? Are you active in all of them? Decide which Groups matter the most and leave those that no longer appeal to you.


Instagram refresh tips

How to grow an engaged Instagram following
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  • If you’re in the process of re-branding go through your photos and delete images that no longer fit your brand image.

  • Read your Instagram bio and make sure it explains exactly what you do. Instagram’s most recent update allows you to add hashtags to your bio. This is particularly useful if you a) use a unique branded hashtag and want to direct visitors to your content or b) want to highlight a particular skill. Note: your hashtag doesn’t make your profile searchable via hashtags.

  • Clean up your Instagram Stories and add covers to your highlights.


Twitter refresh tips

  • Unfollow inactive accounts and those who don’t follow back with free apps like Crowdfire. You will definitely want to follow some brands who don’t follow back (e.g. media companies and interest-based accounts) so review your unfollow list carefully.

  • Create Twitter lists to optimize your experience and organize your followers.

  • Check your Twitter messages. Do you still need to respond to a message? Can some or all of the messages be deleted?

  • Do you bookmark tweets to read later? If so, check to see if you still need to hold onto those tweets or clear your Bookmarks folder.

  • Add a little personality and humor to your bio using tools like the Twitter Bio Generator.


Google+ refresh tips

  • When you share content on Google+ it helps Google index your website faster. So if you don’t have a Google+ account for your business, then create one today.

  • If you’ve been on Google+ for a while, review your account and check for brand consistency. Delete posts that are not brand related.


LinkedIn refresh tips

  • Certifications are a great way to showcase your knowledge and professional achievements on your LinkedIn profile. Have you completed any courses lately? Perhaps you’ve learned how to use new technology? Add these achievements to the Accomplishments section of your profile.

  • Review your LinkedIn profile and remove any industry-related jargon or over-used terms like “high-achiever.”

  • Showcase your top 3 skills. Under Skills & Endorsements, select the pencil icon in the right hand corner and drag and drop each listed skill under Reorder Skills & Endorsements.

  • If you’ve neglected your LinkedIn account, it is time to dust off the digital cobwebs and publish regular updates and articles. Unsure where to start or pressed for time? Start by curating relevant content and sharing thoughtful comments on status updates from people in your network.


This is the perfect time of year to personally review your accounts or regularly assign social media housekeeping tasks to an intern or assistant. Spruce up, clean up, and get your social media house in order every spring, or any time of year.


Yolanda McAdam is a social media and online marketing strategist and business coach. She is the founder of suite532, a company committed to helping small business owners attract a consistent flow of ideal clients. Connect with @suite532 on Twitter.


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