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It is easier than ever to start an online business – but in no way does that mean it's easy to run it. These online tools can simplify...

Photo: Zac Johnson, Online Marketer and Creator of Zacjohnson.com; Source: Courtesy Photo

Running an online business is unlike anything else. Never before has it been so easy for someone to come up with a business idea, launch a website, and then be open for business within a few short days.

With such opportunity and growth in the online business world, it’s no wonder the space continues to grow, while attracting new entrepreneurs and business owners in the process. Yes, it is easier than ever to start a business of your own – but in no way does that mean it’s easy to run your business.

In fact, with increasing online competition, it’s actually harder and more competitive than ever. However, there’s an exception for every rule and those who are willing to put in the time and effort to power their business with online tools, automation, and outside resources are the exception.

Most areas of your business can benefit from online tools. I’ve taken the liberty to feature a few of them for you.


Time tracking and invoicing

When you’re browsing online you probably find yourself starting off in one direction, then completely ending up in some random place on the internet. The same thing happens when you run an online business as well. There are just way too many options and distractions out there. If you want to get more done you need to work on your productivity.


Photo: Alexandru Acea, Unsplash
Photo: Alexandru Acea, YFS Magazine

Just like you can easily lose track of how your time is spent online, the same can be said about your business finances if you don’t pay close attention. A better way to run your business, manage your time, and also make sure you are getting paid, is through the use of a time tracking and invoicing solutions. A platform and online solution like Tradify can definitely help with this process.

Through their online job management features, anyone can set up easy invoicing, quick quotes for job estimates, and also manage or track time spent on various jobs and tasks. I personally like to let clients pay through Paypal. Usually, I can just give them an email address, but some clients want a full invoice. Being able to keep all of your invoices within one platform and make sure they get paid is a must.


Mind map your way to success

Jotting down ideas and notes on paper has always been a great way to organize ideas and even start businesses. This method still works today, but there are many other effective ways to accomplish similar results as well.

Mind mapping is one method that is commonly used to take simple ideas and turn them into much more–while providing a visual map in the process. I recently came across Bubbl.us, a free online mind mapping tools that creates a graphical representation of your ideas and concepts. It’s a visual thinking tool to help you structure information, better understand, remember and generate new ideas. Also you can create mind maps with Canva using their online image editor.


Generators for new brand and product naming

Gone are the days of doing everything manually. These days there are automation tools for pretty much anything. At the same time, business owners will still need to be creative when it comes to brand names, marketing methods, etc. The good news is, there are plenty of online tools and resources to help with this process.


Photo: Alexandru Acea, Unsplash
Photo: Alexandru Acea, YFS Magazine

From random number generators to business name generators – it’s all accessible with a few clicks of a button. Here are a few tools you can consider:


  • Random Number Generator: Need to generate a random number for a social media contest, online giveaway, or just something completely random? This site will allow you to do just that with no downloads or sign-up required.
  • Business Name Generator: Coming up with an original business name, domain name, or product name is tough! Use name generator tools and make this process a whole lot easier.
  • Avatar Creation Tool: Tired of your personal profile picture or need to create one for additional employees or freelancers? If so, play around with this free avatar creation tool and download your cartoon image instantly.


These are just a few of my favorite online generation tools–all of which are completely free. No matter what you are looking to accomplish online, be sure to perform a quick Google search to see which automation, generators, time-saving tools or resources you might come across.


Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur who blogs at ZacJohnson.com. Follow his journey as he documents more than 20 years of experience and success in the world of online marketing and branding. Connect with @zacjohnson on Twitter.






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